Predictive lead scoring for SaaS sales

Become the hero for your sales team - this is the customer insight they've been screaming for

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Increase SaaS sales by 20% or more with the power of predictive analytics

Problem: You don't know the value of every lead

Who has a budget and a problem? Who is just poking around?

Who took critical steps in your product? Who never finished signing up?

Solution: Sales focuses on just your best leads

MadKudu identifies your best leads based on customer fit and behavior.

No more wasted time on unqualified leads. More time on those who may close.

What's our secret sauce?

We grok in-app behavior, the key to SaaS sales

If selling SaaS products was like selling tractors you wouldn't need MadKudu

Lots of lead scoring systems can tell if a lead is a good customer fit - and we do that too. Heck, if you're selling tractors just knowing whether that new lead is a farmer or an astronaut is probably enough.

But SaaS businesses are unique:

  • Our products change constantly
  • Customers convert at different times
  • Customers churn if we don't resell our value every billing cycle

The key to SaaS sales is giving your reps deep, actionable insight into the most important steps customers take during their journey with you.

Only with behavior insight can your sales reps predict what customers will do.

A simple "behavior fit" score isn't enough - MadKudu gives you multiple customer lifecycle predictions

Likelihood to buy

Likelihood to upsell

Likelihood to churn

Customized predictors

We tell your sales reps WHY a lead scores high or low so they can engage customers more effectively

Simply knowing a customer is likely to buy isn't good enough - sales reps need context and reasons to engage customers.

By knowing what behaviors lead to a lead score your reps will engage in more valuable conversations and close more leads.

Updates your CRM - where your sales reps work

MadKudu integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, SalesforceIQ, Marketo, and Pipedrive

Never miss an opportunity with Slack alerts

Predictions automatically improve with sales rep feedback

Most sales reps are skeptical of algorithmic-based lead scoring - and for good reason. No model is smart as your sales team.

You'll get sales buy-in by giving them the tools to make MadKudu's predictions smarter based on their feedback.

Customer testimonials

"Lead Scoring is a fantastic way to improve your marketing. MadKudu does a great job at it, and integrates perfectly with the Segment platform."

Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth Segment

"This just works - an instant, highly-visible win. Our sales team team is calling qualified leads in the 1st hour instead of digging through Salesforce and searching LinkedIn."

Francois Bondiguel, Director of Online Marketing at Vend

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No integration - works across your marketing and sales stack

MadKudu enriches your data with our predictive models and 3rd-party data sources.

No manual lead scoring rules

Is MadKudu for you?

So here you are ... at the bottom of our landing page ... still reading ... and wondering ... "Is this for me?"

Are you a B2B SaaS company?

Awesome! SaaS is all we do and we think we're the best at it.

Do you have a sales team?

Great! We'll give them the data they need to convert more sales.

Do you get >500 leads/month?

MadKudu needs enough data points to make accurate predictions.

If you answered "yes" to all 3 questions MadKudu is for you. Let's talk about how we can work together and accelerate your sales.