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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Fully Monetize your

Product-Led Engine

MadKudu is the only platform that allows B2B marketers to use data and science to run their product-led — and all other — go-to-market motions without relying on engineers.

We have exciting news!

We raised a $18M Series A

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Find Your Fastest Path to
Product-Led Revenue

Especially within product-led companies, sales and marketing teams don't have access to the critical, real-time data that is needed to do their jobs. They are stuck hacking together product usage and previous campaign engagement to try to extract actionable insights.

With MadKudu, you can connect directly to the modern data stack without relying on engineers or learning to code. The result is a system that leverages data and science to run all go to market motions and intelligently segment, prioritize and personalize every step of the buyer journey.

Power Your PLG Motion with Data and Science

spend less hours Analyzing Product Data

Identify which product activities drive conversions and inform your product-qualfied lead definition in minutes. Put users with the highest likelihood to buy at the top of your sellers' list.

Route PQLs into the right funnel

Determine the best path to success for every user and account - whether that is speaking directly to sales, enrolling in an automated self-serve path, or a mixture of the two.

Surface Crystal clear Insights

Recommend the best action for sales by surfacing only the most relevant product usage signals within the tools they are already using.

Let Data Lead the Way for Every Go-to-Market Motion

The fastest growing B2B companies are operationalizing multiple funnels within their go-to-market strategy. MadKudu is the only platform to offer playbooks to run all of them in parallel, with the current revenue team and stack.


"MadKudu has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound funnel of free signups. This has allowed us to dramatically increase the performance of our business development function along with enabling marketing and growth teams to use a scoring architecture across our Martech. The possibilities of what can be achieved with this tool span far far beyond lead scoring!"

Darcy M.
Growth Marketer

“MadKudu saved our team countless hours on optimizing our scoring system, allowing us to focus more of our time on strategy instead of execution.”

Peter Kirk
Senior Marketing Ops Manager
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MadKudu saved our team countless hours on optimizing our scoring system, allowing us to focus more of our time on strategy instead of execution.

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