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Scoring For The

Modern Data Stack

The MadKudu Data Science Studio empowers marketers to execute intelligent segmentation, prioritization, and personalization.

Harness the Power Of Your Data With MadKudu

With so many data points, disparate systems, and the shift to data warehouses, critical real-time data is inaccessible, forcing marketers to rely on engineers to extract actionable insights for their sales teams.

MadKudu empowers marketers to connect directly to the modern data stack to build and maintain a predictive and data science powered revenue engine, without reliance on engineers or learning to code.

Operationalize data science

Gain the trust of your sales team

Provide context behind your lead and account scoring by surfacing relevant details - what technologies a company is using, what roles they are hiring for, key behaviors in the product - that quickly tell sales why a lead or account is qualified.

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Spend more time on marketing

Save months building and iterating on sophisticated scoring models with our data science studio. We give you the power of predictive intelligence without the black box.

support multiple
sales teams

Build multiple scoring models to support various regions and go-to-market motions with speed and flexibility. Create as many models as you need to keep up with sales feedback and your rapidly changing business.

Utilize Critical
Product Data

Easily incorporate product data into your scoring models to determine which events correlate with conversions.

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everything you need - all in one

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Building a Scoring Model In-House

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Learn why having separate behavioral and demographic scores better supports complex B2B organizations.

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"MadKudu’s automatic understanding of the best leads and their ACV has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently."

Jack Moberger
Marketing and Strategy at Appcues

"Before MadKudu, we had really low form lead to SQL conversion rates. Now with Fastlane, we booked a meeting and closed the deal of $80K all within 24 hours!"

Sean Passanisi
Sales Ops at Udemy

“MadKudu saved our team countless hours on optimizing our scoring system, allowing us to focus more of our time on strategy instead of execution.”

Peter Kirk
Senior Marketing Ops Manager

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