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MadKudu unblock millions of revenue by programmatically determining the optimal level of experience to offer each prospect wherever they are.

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Capture Your Lost Revenue.

The average SaaS Marketing Ops team sits on $10M worth of shadow revenue annually. These shadow dollars are present in every stage of the funnel - by spending ad dollars on low quality leads, by not engaging your website traffic quickly enough or by sending unqualified leads to Sales.


Optimize Your Ad Dollars on High Value Prospects.

It's a struggle for SaaS companies to make Facebook ads work - less than 20% of Facebook generated leads are good fits and costs per acquisition go upwards of $200. By training Facebook's AI with predicted values of each traffic lead, MadKudu reduces the cost of good leads by three-fold.

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“Using MadKudu to optimize Ad spend resulted In a 3x increase in ROI from facebook. More good leads, more money!”
- Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift


Fast-Track Your Website Leads to Conversion.

High traffic does not equal to high qualified traffic which typically makes visitor to paid conversion rates low in the SaaS industry. MadKudu increases your qualified pipeline by 60% through predicting the fit of your web visitors in real-time and allowing them to book a meeting directly with Sales.

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"Before MadKudu, we had really low form lead to SQL conversion rates. Now with Fastlane, we booked  a meeting and closed the deal of $80K all within 24 hours!"
-Sean Passanisi, Sales Ops at Udemy


Bay Area

$139,049,391 Market Cap

High Volume Website Traffic

250 Employees


Prioritize Only Your Best Leads.

Drive higher conversions by automatically prioritizing your best leads and accounts based on fit and behavior. Never let your Sales team miss a good lead again.

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"MadKudu automatically understands which leads will be a great fit our our sales teams, how likely they are to buy, and at what ACV. It's enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently." -Jack Moberger, Marketing and Strategy at Appcues

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