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Optimize Your Marketing by Predicting

Expected Revenue

Lead Value

Likelihood to Buy

Customer Fit

Next Best Action

out with the old - in with the new

Transform How You Measure Marketing with
Expected Revenue

MadKudu is the only solution to give marketing leaders a forward-looking view of their pipeline and ability to articulate their value with a metric everybody understands and trusts: expected revenue.

Remove Guesswork.
Eliminate Frustration.

Overwhelmed with the amount of data at your fingertips but frustrated with the lack of actionable insights and answers it provides? MadKudu helps B2B marketers take full advantage of their valuable data to empower their go-to-market strategy.

test. test. test.

Evaluate and test new channels and programs, efficiently

don't waste time. . .

Leverage predictive intelligence to uncover hidden patterns and iterate, quickly

confidence is key

Gain trust and show the true value of marketing, confidently

Finally… A Scalable and Predictable Marketing Solution That Drives Growth

Never Miss
A Good Lead

Automatically prioritize your best leads and accounts based on fit and intent, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and you aren't leaving revenue on the table.

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Personalized, Value-Based Buyer Journey At Scale

Build a marketing strategy that empowers sales and automates workflows based on the predicted value of each lead instead of spending valuable resources guessing what might work.

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Make The Right Decisions With Data

Real-time and actionable insights help you turn data into revenue and understand which activities are effective at each stage of the funnel.

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everything you need - all in one

Why MadKudu?


"MadKudu’s automatic understanding of the best leads and their ACV has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently."

Jack Moberger
Marketing and Strategy at Appcues

"Before MadKudu, we had really low form lead to SQL conversion rates. Now with Fastlane, we booked  a meeting and closed the deal of $80K all within 24 hours!"

Sean Passanisi
Sales Ops at Udemy

“Using MadKudu to optimize Ad spend resulted In a 3x increase in ROI from facebook. More good leads, more money!”

Guillaume Cabane
VP of Growth at Drift
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