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Why MadKudu?

The First Platform Built For
Operational Marketing Leaders

MadKudu offers an enterprise-grade, real-time API that tells you the value of your prospects wherever they are.

Leverage this engine to simplify your workflows on any channel and unlock revenue across the entire buyer journey.

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What Can You Do With MadKudu?

Here are three popular workflows

MadKudu for Sales

Finally, gain the trust of your Sales team and get them To work your leads

Sales teams hate blackbox scores that do not take into account their feedback. MadKudu offers predictions that your Sales team finally trusts, and gives you the ability to adapt your predictions as your business changes.

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"MadKudu’s automatic understanding of the best leads and their ACV has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently."
-Jack Moberger, Marketing and Strategy at Appcues

MadKudu for Forms

Give qualified leads Direct access to your Sales reps’ calendars

Standard “contact us” forms result in missing 40% of demo requests. With MadKudu, you can now qualify all visitors in real-time and let them book a meeting directly with the Sales team. Never miss someone who’s knocking on your door again.

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"Before MadKudu, we had really low form lead to SQL conversion rates. Now with Fastlane, we booked  a meeting and closed the deal of $80K all within 24 hours!"
-Sean Passanisi, Sales Ops at Udemy

MadKudu for Facebook

Only Spend Ad dollars On people who buy, Not people who click

Most B2B companies have tried Facebook Ads and could not make it work. This is because Facebook does not know the value of each lead. But with MadKudu, we predict the value of each visitor and tell Facebook to bid accordingly.

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“Using MadKudu to optimize Ad spend resulted In a 3x increase in ROI from facebook. More good leads, more money!”
- Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift

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