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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Multiple Funnels in one Revenue Platform

The fastest growing B2B companies are operationalizing multiple funnels within their go-to-market strategy. MadKudu is the only platform that uses your current tech stack to segment, prioritize and personalize your funnel to only work the best leads, every time.


Prioritize your best-fit inbound leads

Your sales team wants to work the best leads. Let MadKudu surface the leads most likely to buy based on key characteristics and behavioural analysis.

50% Increase in MQL:SQL Conversion Rate

Product-Led Growth

Turn more product Users into paying Customers

Spend less time guessing which product users are qualified and more time turning them into paying users and enterprise customers.

50% Increase in MQL:SQL Conversion Rate

Account-Based Marketing

Close More Target Accounts

Identify the right target accounts to prioritize, personalize the buyer journey in real time, and surface key personas and engagement signals for sales.

50% Increase in MQL:SQL Conversion Rate

Land & Expand

drive revenue at every lifecycle stage

Identify accounts ready to buy more, intervene with churn risks, and proactively reach out to customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

50% Increase in MQL:SQL Conversion Rate

madkudu used across your go-to-market team

madkudu for marketing leaders

Unite Sales and Marketing Around Revenue

MadKudu helps marketing leaders focus their marketing & sales efforts on the best leads & accounts to remove friction & drive revenue.

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Massive Increase In Pipeline

Since implementing Madkudu we have seen a 60% increase in pipeline from PQLs and a 20% increase in ARR from our ABM motion. We are continuing to expand our use of MadKudu to all our go-to-market motions.

TJ Nokelby
Director of Demand Generation

madkudu for Marketing ops

Get Data-Backed Insights regardless of go-to-market-motion

Stop waiting weeks to change your scoring model. MadKudu allows you build your mode, evaluate performance by segment, to make sure your sales team get the best leads.

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40% Increase in Pipeline

MadKudu’s automatic understanding of the best leads and their ACV has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently.

Jack Moberger
Marketing & Strategy

madkudu for Sales leaders

Get your sellers the information they need

With MadKudu, your team will have access to lead and account scores, with information explaining the context behind the scores, all in one place.

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Next Level Lead Scoring

MadKudu helps to give me direction on which leads to prioritize and contact the fastest. Activity within our application definitely translates to higher interest in our product which leads to be qualified opportunities. MadKudu has been a great asset to our company.

Brady V
Account Executive