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Data Management

How Successful CMOs Build a Data-Strategy and Avoid the Hot Seat

If you aren't obsessing over data as a CMO, you might not be a CMO much longer. The rise of the modern data stack has unlocked huge amounts of data sources and data points. As a result, marketing has shifted away from the brand-centric Mad Men era to a focus on driving operational success. Today's CMOs, or at least the successful ones, are truly data-driven. 

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How to Build a Data-Driven Marketing Culture

While culture is often discussed in ambiguous terms, there are concrete ways to use it to develop a data-minded marketing team, a key responsibility of modern CMOs. I talked to four marketing leaders to get their real advice on hiring, building the right culture from the top, and evaluating new roles for themselves.

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3 Strategies to Align Marketing Ops & Analytics Teams From Leaders at Lucid

Learn how to drive a better relationship between marketing ops and analytics with advice from Peter Kirk, Senior Marketing Ops Manager and Stephanie Cameron, Senior Manager, Strategy and Analytics at Lucid.

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Defining AI Personalities: Buddy vs. Police

With every solution today touting AI as the holy grail, how do you know when it makes sense to incorporate AI into your strategy? Read on to learn when it makes sense to consider AI and what type is right for your business and use case.

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The CMO Framework to Evaluating Data Actionability

The modern CMO has a huge data responsibility, but how can they build a robust data strategy? We put together a framework to help CMOs understand their ability to use (and scale) their data for go-to-market initiatives. 

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Demystifying Data Science for Marketers

While infusing data science into every aspect of your business could mean the difference between surviving and thriving it’s easy to be intimidated by it. Learn exactly what it means and how it helps sales and marketing teams in this blog post.

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