MadKudu Updates

MadKudu's Next Chapter

We've got so much to celebrate - new funding, new product enhancements, new teammates - but what we are most excited about is the next chapter for MadKudu and #revenuemarketing!

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MadKudu - Zapier: The Introduction

Now that we’ve created MadKudu - Zapier, you can score every lead you capture before sending it to your favorite tool. Learn more now!

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Introducing Google Sheets Predictions by MadKudu

Don't miss out on the new Google Sheets Predictions from MadKudu. See how it can help you have a more efficient SaaS here.

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Mailchimp Salesforce Integration: How We Use Zapier to Score Mailchimp Subscribers

Mailchimp salesforce integration is a great way to nurture prospective customers, which is why we use Zapier to score our Mailchimp subscribers. Read on.

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