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Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Warm Outbound Play with Quality Scoring

Learn how to implement a warm outbound strategy that emphasizes quality over quantity for your sales team. Follow these 5 essential steps to efficiently target high-intent leads and boost your outbound efforts. Find out how to deanonymize website visitors, filter for quality, score leads, gather specific data, and streamline outreach.

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How to find revenue opportunities by deanonymizing your site traffic

Warm outbound is the lowest hangest fruit in generating quality pipeline, but many companies don’t know how to deanonymize site traffic.

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How much revenue can you expect from leads using their personal email?

How much money is really left on the table by business to developer and prosumer product companies who ignore personal email signups? In this post, we find out.

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The Key to Unlock Revenue Growth: Bringing Intelligence to Automation

The tool and motion bubble has officially burst. Revenue teams need to adapt to the changing landscape, or fall behind. Learn why we believe revenue automation intelligence is the way forward.

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What Is Marketing Ops and What Are They Responsible For?

Learn about the pivotal role of marketing operations and how MadKudu can enhance their effectiveness.

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Fishing in a Desert: The Plea for Quality

We’re all feeling it, volume isn’t what it used to be. These circumstances can create a lot of temptation to open up the funnel and care less about quality. If you are still looking at volume based goals for your team it almost feels like you have to, but is it worth it? Learn how to get your team to focus on quality even when quantity is going down.

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