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Personalize Your Buyer Journeys: 4 Important Learnings About PLG

We gathered a group of 50+ growth & marketing leaders to discuss scaling PLG. Here are 4 key learnings.

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Demand Gen Playbook: 5 Ways to Drive Revenue in a Down Market

In down markets, marketing teams really feel the pressure with to attain revenue goals while budgets get cut. We partnered with Mutiny to develop playbook of revenue driving plays.

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The SaaS Winter and the CMO

No department is impacted faster from a downturn than marketing. Regardless of how well you, as the CMO, are running your side of the business, you will face pressure to do more with less. Here are 10 key areas you should evaluate.

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How Successful CMOs Build a Data-Strategy and Avoid the Hot Seat

If you aren't obsessing over data as a CMO, you might not be a CMO much longer. The rise of the modern data stack has unlocked huge amounts of data sources and data points. As a result, marketing has shifted away from the brand-centric Mad Men era to a focus on driving operational success. Today's CMOs, or at least the successful ones, are truly data-driven. 

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Lessons in Personal Growth from Women in Marketing Ops

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to show our appreciation for all the incredible women in marketing operations that we’ve had the privilege of speaking with over the past year on our weekly series, Marketing Ops Confessions! We put together some of our favorite takeaways on dealing with imposter syndrome, finding your community, and empowering others through leadership.

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How to Build a Data-Driven Marketing Culture

While culture is often discussed in ambiguous terms, there are concrete ways to use it to develop a data-minded marketing team, a key responsibility of modern CMOs. I talked to four marketing leaders to get their real advice on hiring, building the right culture from the top, and evaluating new roles for themselves.

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