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Marketing Metrics and Predicted Returns: Three Metrics to Measure Paid Acquisition Performance in SaaS

Learn about three marketing metrics that measure paid acquisition performance in SaaS for predicted returns. Click here for more information.

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Building a Shadow Funnel

MadKudu & Drift built a shadow funnel out of intent data, showing every qualified buyer that hasn't engaged with your funnel. Here's what we learned.

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How To: Create your first Sales SLA Report

Sales SLA are a critical component of any highly efficient smarketing team. In this article we're cover how to build an SLA report in Salesforce.

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Customer Journeys: The Biggest Source of Friction Could Be You

Why is the customer journey so filled with friction, even with a plethora of data and engagement tools to create a great experience? Let's see why.

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How to Do Funnel Analysis Segementation by Customer Fit

With funnel analysis, if you're not applying lead scores, you're making decisions based on flawed data. Find out your best leads by clicking here.

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Service Level Agreement: How Accountability Fosters Sales and Marketing Alignment

Service level agreements can lead to accountability and marketing alignnment. Learn how here.

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