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Marketing & Sales Alignment

Fishing in a Desert: The Plea for Quality

We’re all feeling it, volume isn’t what it used to be. These circumstances can create a lot of temptation to open up the funnel and care less about quality. If you are still looking at volume based goals for your team it almost feels like you have to, but is it worth it? Learn how to get your team to focus on quality even when quantity is going down.

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From Rivals to Partners: How Sales and Marketing Alignment Creates a Competitive Edge

It’s tough out there, and while we can’t change outside factors, what we can do is align sales and marketing around shared goals to work more efficiently.

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Doing more with less: How teams are uncovering revenue in their pipeline

We've found there's a goldmine of potential revenue waiting to be unlocked within your current funnel. No extra headcount, no extra spend.

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Personalize Your Buyer Journeys: 4 Important Learnings About PLG

We gathered a group of 50+ growth & marketing leaders to discuss scaling PLG. Here are 4 key learnings.

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Demand Gen Playbook: 5 Ways to Drive Revenue in a Down Market

In down markets, marketing teams really feel the pressure with to attain revenue goals while budgets get cut. We partnered with Mutiny to develop playbook of revenue driving plays.

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How To: Create your first Sales SLA Report

Sales SLA are a critical component of any highly efficient smarketing team. In this article we're cover how to build an SLA report in Salesforce.

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