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Lambs, Kudus and Ducks Score: The Three Stages of Lead Scoring

Lambs, kudos and ducks score: Did you know that there are three stages of lead scoring? Find out more by clicking here.

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Lead Score vs Ideal Customer Profile: A True Reflection

Lead score vs ideal customer profile? Which one is right for you? Click for more!

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Lead Scoring and Why It's at Odds With SDRs

Lead scoring and SDRs are often at odds, with SDRs having very little influence over the score itself. Feel free to click here to learn more.

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Account-Based Marketing and the Fallacy of Job Titles

Account-based marketing aligns all teams to create a frictionless customer journey. Read on and learn more on this strategy today.

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How MadKudu makes Salesforce Einstein smarter

As algorithmic brute force applied to B2B datasets won't make up for appropriate data preparation, Salesforce Einstein needs companies like MadKudu

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Are Automation and AI BS?

AI and automation have become ubiquitous in B2B. It is therefore our duty as professionals to educate ourself as to what is really going on beyond the BS.

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