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Predictive Scoring

Building A Lead Scoring Model In-House: 10 Things to Consider

We're sharing the top 10 considerations for building a lead scoring model in-house, which is helpful to both advanced teams, and those just getting started.

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Lambs, Kudus and Ducks Score: The Three Stages of Lead Scoring

Lambs, kudos and ducks score: Did you know that there are three stages of lead scoring? Find out more by clicking here.

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Lead Score vs Ideal Customer Profile: A True Reflection

Lead score vs ideal customer profile? Which one is right for you? Click for more!

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Building a Shadow Funnel

MadKudu & Drift built a shadow funnel out of intent data, showing every qualified buyer that hasn't engaged with your funnel. Here's what we learned.

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Lead Scoring and Why It's at Odds With SDRs

Lead scoring and SDRs are often at odds, with SDRs having very little influence over the score itself. Feel free to click here to learn more.

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How to Do Funnel Analysis Segementation by Customer Fit

With funnel analysis, if you're not applying lead scores, you're making decisions based on flawed data. Find out your best leads by clicking here.

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