Product-Led Growth for CMOs, Part 2: The Practitioner Perspective

During MadKudu’s recent CMO Guide to PLG webinar, Wes Bush, a PLG pioneer, shared insights on how PLG’s growth is impacting practitioners

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Product-Led Growth for CMOs, Part 1: Insights from a VC

What do Stripe,, and Guitar Pro have in common? Their phenomenal performance is down to product-led growth (PLG) — a set of go-to-market strategies centered around and driven by a company’s products.

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Product Qualified Leads: Beyond MQLs & SQLs

Learn how to use product qualified leads Beyond MQLs & SQLs for increased growth. Read on for more.

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Free Sales Leads Trials and Activity Scoring: How to Do It Right

Free sales leads trials and activity scoring can each carry their own complications. Read on here to learn how to do it right.

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The Key Activation Event and 3 Steps to Determine It

Most people have heard of the "key activation event" by now. Check out this quick "how-to" for you to determine your product's "key activation event".

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What we can learn from Ants to improve SaaS conversion rates

In our era of freemium, trials and other piloting processes, the myriad of solutions out there rarely help identify the levers to up SaaS conversion rates.

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