Signal-based selling

Announcing MadKudu Copilot: Turn Every Rep into Your Best Seller

Sam Levan
Chief Yes Officer
Announcing MadKudu Copilot: Turn Every Rep into Your Best Seller

Does outbound work in 2024? YES, IT DOES.

But the classic outbound playbook has stopped working. Conversion rates are nearing zero.

This is why I am SO SO SO excited to announce MadKudu's Sales Copilot. We've been testing it with select customers for the past few months. The results are just phenomenal. 🔥

Why did we build this?

Nobody wants another "Quick Question" in their inbox

This type of outbound has stopped working:

  1. Create a target account list of 5,000 companies.
  2. Add a pinch of "dark intent" fairy dust
  3. Lock 10 BDRs in a room with a volume dialer, a sales engagement platform, and a script.

Buyers are exhausted of those "quick questions" and VMs that say an email is waiting in their mailbox.

16 quick question emails received in less than 24 hours

If this kind of outbound works for you, you are in a rare market that has not been saturated yet, or you have an extraordinary brand.

The world does not need another ChatGPT wrapper

What about scraping your prospect's LinkedIn profile to generate a "personalized" message?

Mentioning that you love the Patriots or that you also have a mixed terrier is NOT a good reason to "hop on a quick call".

10s of startups are building products using AI to automate this kind of outreach. It is making sellers more efficient... at something that has stopped working.

So what works?


Just kidding!


I am kidding again!

In 2024, your sellers should never contact a lead without a good reason

We've worked hard with our customers and advisors, testing different methodologies to fill the "pipeline gap".

Here is what we have found to work: SIGNAL-BASED SELLING.

Some call it a "pull model" vs. a "push model," and some just call it "good outbound."

Everyone agrees this is now a MUST-DO to generate pipeline in 2024.

The principle is simple: have a good reason to contact a prospect (and again; sharing a hobby with a prospect is NOT a good enough reason).

This type of outreach includes simple sales plays like:

  • Reactivation of Closed lost Opps: reach out to champions from past closed-lost opportunities when you see this account active again on your website (e.g. pricing page)
  • Job Switchers: reach out to past customers after they moved on to a new company
  • Rip and Replace Competitors: Reach out to prospects three months before your competitor's renewal and let them know why most people switch from them to you.
  • Spike in Product Activity: share how the enterprise plan will benefit your buyer when the account shows elevated signs of product usage.

Here are more examples of plays EVERYONE should be running.

Examples of signal-based plays
Examples of signal-based plays

Why isn't everyone doing this already?

Everyone agrees:


Yet, very few are doing it.

Is it a lack of data? Quite the contrary. We've asked our customers what data they buy. It's wild:

More data DOES NOT mean more pipeline. Operationalizing the data is the hard part. Sellers are drowning in data. They don't need more notifications, apps to log into, or more fields in Salesforce.

They need sales playbooks that make it easy for them to act on.

This is why we built MadKudu's Sales Copilot.

A new marketing + sales partnership is emerging

At the B2BMX conference in Scottsdale a few weeks ago, the #1 thing I heard CMOs talk about was: "Inbound and outbound are merging in 2024".

Old Demand Model vs. New Demand Model

At the end of the quarter:

- Old modelPipeline is broken down between "marketing-generated" and "sales-generated". Both sides look at each other like competitors.

- New model: Marketing and sales celebrate success together. They discuss what plays work best and which ones to try next.

Marketing leaders are the catalysts who turn high-volume, low-result outbound into high-signal, high-result outbound.

It changes the job of XDRs, and it is for the better:

  1. XDRs spend more time talking to buyers and less time doing robotic work.
  2. Marketing and Sales leaders hit pipeline goals with confidence.
  3. CFOs sleep better after looking at the new CAC number.
  4. Last but not least: Buyers get less noise and more value.

See it for yourself

If you want to learn more about the MadKudu Sales Copilot, check out this video from Maggie, our product marketing expert.

And if you'd like to see how this could look like for you (or talk to Hayden about Pokemon cards), book a demo here.

1 Billion Dollars in pipeline in 2024

A big Thank You to the wonderful people who made this new product possible: customers, design partners, advisory council, and the MadKudu team. Lots of 🧠, ☕ and ❤️ went into building this.

It's been so meaningful and emotional to hear the success stories from sellers and marketers 🫶. With this copilot, we're on track to generate 1 billion dollars in pipeline for our customers this year.

I cannot wait to hear more success stories in the coming weeks!