Introducing Google Sheets Predictions by MadKudu

Kevin Rabesaotra

Let's face it, spreadsheets are still everywhere in Sales and Marketing. We use them for forecasting, we use them for prospecting, we use them for data scrubbing. Yes, the CRM is the source of truth, but sometimes all we need is the speed and flexibility of a spreadsheet

We've heard countless stories about our users nightmares about scoring lists in spreadsheets.

Just like a bad dream, the scenario is invariably the same. You receive a prospection file for an event, it contains countless rows of attendees from a wide range of companies, many of which you've never heard from. Your goal is to determine if it is worthwhile for your reps to contact these accounts or prospects in order to get an in-person meeting the day of the event. You might also be asked to determine if it is worth sponsoring the event according to the list. Not only is this a critical part of the marketing work, it's a job-to-be-done, and it's tedious...

After hearing countless marketers share their struggle to score CSV files we decided to build and launch MadKudu for Google Spreadsheets. This tool allows to directly qualify contacts and accounts in Google Sheets with a simple click.

We've been testing MadKudu for Google Sheets in beta for the past few weeks with some of our great customers, and we are really excited to share some of their use cases with you!

One of our clients has a Partnership team whose aim is to gather more customers through their existing partners' customers. Naturally, it is difficult to get access to the entire clients database. Besides, one of the potential referred companies might seem good for the customer but not for the Partnership team. How can you avoid this situation? The Partnership team has shared their MadKudu API key to the customer, and they run the MadKudu for Google Sheets directly on their spreadsheet. Once the file has been scored, they only share companies with high lead scores. Once a deal is won, a percentage is earned by the customer! It's a win-win situation :)

Some companies target accounts using specific technologies or tools. Thanks to technographics tool such as Datanyze, you can get a list of all websites using certain technologies. But most of the time, these lists are very long and full of companies outside of your target market. MadKudu for Google Sheets allows them to make sure they will import only the relevant companies in the CRM! True story!

We're sure you'll be able to find a lot of other use cases. Which is why we're so excited to share this with you.

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And if you can spare a minute to share the news and upvote our launch, it would be much appreciated. 🙏

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