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$650 Million in New ARR Powered by MadKudu Revenue Automation Intelligence in 2023

$650 Million in New ARR Powered by MadKudu Revenue Automation Intelligence in 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, AUGUST 3, 2023– MadKudu, the revenue automation intelligence engine, today announces new positioning and momentum to close out 2023. Historically a platform known for lead scoring and product-led sales, MadKudu has launched capabilities to include full pipeline coverage and enable revenue teams to predict and prioritize the right revenue generating actions. 

The tool bubble has burst

Over the last decade a tool has been built for every possible motion, channel, function, and platform in marketing and sales. This has created tech stacks full of dozens of tools to automate work, but these tools lack the intelligence of understanding where to prioritize your time. The data creates noise not insight. 

We are moving from brute force automation to the age of automation intelligence, powering teams with the ability to focus on only the actions that drive revenue. 

The engine to power revenue teams

“AI and automation are now table stakes for revenue teams,” says MadKudu CEO Sam Levan. “What we are missing is the automation of the intelligence as well as the revenue. We see our customers doubling and tripling conversion rates and growing revenue 50% with half the leads. Revenue automation intelligence is powering teams to do just that.”

What revenue teams really need is to predict and prioritize the right revenue generating actions, not just understanding what those actions are but truly which ones they should take. 

Revenue intelligence: The market

Revenue intelligence is a massive and growing market that includes tools such as: Clari, Gong, 6Sense. These tools drive intelligence and insights for revenue teams. This market is growing rapidly but for revenue intelligence to work across the entire customer journey you need the automation component. This is where MadKudu fits in. 

This year MadKudu has launched integral features for revenue teams including:

  • MadKudu Sales Intelligence (MSI) - Gives sales reps access to key buyer insights, directly in Salesforce
  • Account Signals - Sends alerts to reps when a target account displays buying behavior
  • Score Lookup - Makes it easy to investigate lead scores and view which data points went into a score
  • Marketing & Product Engagement Models - Allows marketers to adapt to different buyer journeys depending on how prospects engage with your brand

All features are launched based on these key principles: 

  • Full explainability: all intelligence is transparent and explainable, the opposite of a black box. 
  • Embedded in your GTM tools: whatever your go-to-market motion, MadKudu gives you full pipeline coverage and is embedded in the tools your team already uses every day. 
  • Automate repetitive workflows: we take the data grunt work out of the hands of revenue teams so they can focus on marketing, sales, and customer success–not data management. 

About MadKudu

MadKudu's Revenue Automation Intelligence brings focus to revenue teams by predicting and prioritizing the right revenue generating actions. Companies like Lucid, Miro, and RingCentral use MadKudu to double qualified pipeline, increase ROI from campaigns, and reduce wasted effort. MadKudu was founded in 2015 and is based in Mountain View, California & Paris, France - two places known for brilliant engineers, delicious wine, and a love for the outdoors.