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Introducing MadKudu Sales Intelligence: SDRs Secret to Success

Maggie Aland
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Introducing MadKudu Sales Intelligence: SDRs Secret to Success

We’ve talked to hundreds of SaaS companies, and there’s a common trend. With top of funnel leads shrinking, there’s a greater emphasis on sales reps getting more meetings booked.

That’s where MadKudu Sales Intelligence (MSI) comes in.

The Context You Need, Directly in Salesforce

Instead of having to log into multiple tools in the hopes of finding something relevant for outreach, MSI acts as an aggregator of your different data sources, doing the leg work for you.

The tool surfaces your best fit leads, and provides the context to personalize outreach, such as job openings, tech stack, and recent activity within your product or on your website.

Book 2x More Meetings: Less Time, Better Results

With MadKudu Sales Intelligence, you are able to:

  • Run attention grabbing playbooks - Customize outreach based on MadKudu’s insights. For example, if your prospect uses a competitor, launch a rip and replace sequence. If they’re hiring for a new role, explain why your software will allow them to hit the ground running.
  • Engage prospects the moment they express interest - Get alerted in real time when contacts at target accounts take certain actions. You can customize alerts based on what is meaningful to your business, including spikes in product activity, or views on certain web pages.
  • Easily find your best fit leads & accounts - MadKudu’s predictive scoring solution allows your sales team to prioritize leads and accounts based on how good of a fit they are for your product or service.
  • Access all the data you need to succeed, in one place - MadKudu includes enrichment data, such as firmographic, technographic, and hiring data, as well as aggregating behavior data from product, marketing and sales software.