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MadKudu Creates the 10x Seller: Powering Signal-Based Workflows in Outreach

MadKudu Creates the 10x Seller: Powering Signal-Based Workflows in Outreach

The future of sales is here—and it’s not about replacing sellers with AI, but empowering them with it.

The market is flooded with sales automation tools. But they’ve only served to scale a tactic that already isn’t effective. Turning spray and pray prospecting into sprAI and prAI.

Prospects end up under a mountain of emails that are all as generic as the next.

Outreach and MadKudu recognize this challenge and have come together to create the 10x seller — helping sales stand out from the crowd without spending hours trying to find something relevant to say.

The new integration provides key buyer signals directly into Outreach’s platform, equipping sales with the tools needed to deliver personalized and effective outreach.

"At Outreach, we believe in the power of human connection in sales. There's a lot of AI noise in the market, but when used correctly, it can unlock seller productivity. Our partnership with MadKudu represents how modern selling should be done, where AI isn't replacing sellers but empowering them to be more effective. With MadKudu's AI integrated into the Outreach platform, sellers can access critical workflows, resulting in more meaningful interactions and ultimately driving revenue growth."

Manny Medina
CEO, Outreach

Signal-Based Selling to Drive Meaningful Workflow

This partnership comes at a crucial time when signal based selling is becoming a necessity for reps to get the attention of prospects.

The average buyer receives over 100 emails a day and 72% of buyers expect personalized outreach.

Signal-based selling is about reaching out to prospects and customers when they are most likely to engage in a conversation with you, using the signals available to make the outreach relevant.

With this approach, you’re never reaching out to a prospect without having a good reason to talk.

MadKudu translates key signals into actions, including 1st party (web visits, webinar attendance, product usage, etc.), 2nd party (Slack conversations, social posts), and 3rd party (e.g., job openings, etc.) in order to leverage every opportunity to engage with relevance.

With the MadKudu x Outreach integration, reps get actionable buying signals, directly in the platform they use every day.

"The combination of Outreach and MadKudu increases efficiency for our GTM team. The integration allows our reps to access real-time buying signals directly within Outreach, where they already spend their time, rather than having to log into another tool. This significantly increases the likelihood of personalizing outreach based on first-party intent, and provides a more relevant buying experience for our future customers."

Ryan Kelly
VP of Marketing at Cockroach Labs

Augmenting Sales Execution with AI

The future of selling is understanding what tasks can be automated with AI, and which still need a human touch in order to achieve non-linear productivity gains.

"Our integration with Outreach signifies a new era in sales engagement. By leveraging AI to augment rep productivity, MadKudu is enabling sellers to operate at an unprecedented level of efficiency. With our technology seamlessly integrated into Outreach, sales teams can now execute signal-based plays with precision, resulting in higher response rates and more meetings booked."

Sam Levan
CEO, MadKudu

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