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MadKudu - Zapier: The Introduction

MadKudu - Zapier: The Introduction

As a marketing nerd, I love our current era of marketing. I have hundreds of great tools at my disposal to deal with every single connection with my customers. However, connecting dozens of tools and making them share the same underlying data can end up eating a lot of time that I'd rather spend engaging with customers. That's why Zapier is my favorite tool; it allows me to connect different web apps in one click without any coding skills required. More than 3 millions people use it!

Guillaume Cabane, former VP of Growth at Drift and Segment has the craziest Zapier workflows you can imagine, but the issue he was constantly struggling with was the amount of leads that end up being synced around with low quality. So now all his tools are clogged with a lot of not-so-great leads, which makes them harder to use and more expensive.

That's why we've created MadKudu for Zapier! From now on, you can score every lead you capture before sending it to your favorite tool. You can determine the best experience to offer for each prospect across the entire buyer journey.

For example, Guillaume organizes his webinars on Livestorm. Previously, he would send every lead to Salesforce, but his sales team would often not be happy with the volume of poorly qualified leads. Now he adds a simple step in his existing Zap to score every participant with MadKudu and only notifies sales for the high-potential ones. The best part is that it takes only three clicks to set up and everything is automated!

Here are some of the best templates we've seen our customer build with MadKudu and Zapier:

Zapier has 1,200+ other integrations, so you can integrate MadKudu with literally everything. We're super excited to hear about what use cases you come up with.

We're on Product Hunt today. If you've been using MadKudu in Zapier or are excited to, please contribute to the conversation! 🙏