Scaling live chat with predictive lead scoring

Kevin Rabesaotra

Today's buyer has evolved. The rise of smartphones, messaging apps, and other groundbreaking technologies has led to a new set of expectations for buyers. They can get exactly what they want in real-time, on-demand, whether that's scheduling a ride, booking a place to stay or renting a movie.

Of course, these expectations are quickly carrying over to B2B sales teams too. Forms and lengthy follow-ups are out. Live chat and real-time conversations are in.

“A recent study from Twilio showed that 9 out of 10 consumers said they want to be able to use messaging to talk to businesses”

Thousands of businesses are embracing this reality.

More and more companies install live chat like Intercom. Intercom is a leading solution for live chat that's proven to help you convert visitors with intent.

It becomes a big priority, if not the #1 priority, for a lot of CMOs because it's a new way to generate SQLs. But handling the live chat is not an easy story with a happy ending.

Live chat is amazing when it comes to sending automated messages. However, automated messages don't always lead to conversions, and sales teams usually don't want to talk to unqualified leads/customers/free users.

How many sales come to you complaining about the quality of leads coming to the website? Automated messages allow you to scale your live chat. But does it make sense to be able to automate all the messages you send, yet not be able to qualify faster?

The idea is to unlock modern marketing plays and allow you to schedule qualified calls while you sleep.

At our webinar, we’ll share the top 5 plays we see modern marketing teams using on live chat solutions like Intercom, and we’ll give you a rundown of how we designed MadKudu’s Intercom integration to make it easier than ever to scale live chat.

Feel free to join us on the 20th of June!

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