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How much revenue can you expect from leads using their personal email?

Maria Akhter
How much revenue can you expect from leads using their personal email?

For many businesses, personal emails make up a big chunk of product sign-ups. In fact, it can be more than 50%, especially in the business-to-developer or prosumer product space (e.g. MongoDB, Confluent, Stream, Miro, and Figma). 

You might be wondering if there's any value in those leads. They could be great leads with the perfect role working at the perfect company that you miss because you’re not identifying them. We decided to have a quick look at personal email signups for one of our B2Dev customers. We wanted to know how many good leads you can expect to find in a pool of personal emails.

What we found was that for this customer, around 5% of personal emails were actually hot leads to pursue. This included leads like the CTO of Walmart and the VP of Operations at Zoom who had entered their personal email and were likely to get missed. Working those leads is estimated to bring about $6 million a year in additional revenue! Let’s dive into how we got those numbers. 

70% of email sign-ups came from personal addresses

In order to understand approximately how much revenue we could expect to gain from finding great leads among the personal emails, we turned to the data. We wanted to answer 3 simple questions:

  • How many leads who use a personal email can actually be tied to a company?
  • What percentage of those identified leads should sales reach out to?
  • What amount of revenue should we expect if sales works those leads?

In other words, expected revenue from working those leads = number of leads identified * percentage of good fit * conversion rate * average contract value.

To find out this magic number, we pulled a random sample of personal email sign-ups. Using our lead enrichment providers, we matched 20% of those leads to a company. We discovered that 25% of those leads are great leads for the sales team to work. 

So in the end, 5% of signups with a personal email are quality leads with a potential sale on the table. 

How much revenue are you leaving on the table?

What does this mean in terms of potential revenue? Our customer could add over $500K of new bookings per month by working those leads. That’s a whopping 25% more revenue closed each quarter.

It may be surprising to learn that personal emails can be extremely valuable. And the good news is figuring out which leads with a personal email are quality leads is actually not that hard.

If this is relevant to you, talk to us. We’ll give you a free and quick evaluation of how much revenue you might be leaving on the table.