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NEW: Score Lookup Brings Transparency to Predictive Lead Scoring

NEW: Score Lookup Brings Transparency to Predictive Lead Scoring

At MadKudu, we hear a common talk track from prospects.

“We’ve tried lead scoring in the past but it didn’t really work out because sales never adopted it.”

And a lot of times the reason is because the scoring software they were using was a “black box”, meaning that neither sales or marketing had any insight into why leads were marked qualified — leading to zero trust in the scores.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our updated score lookup feature, which offers unprecedented transparency to MadKudu’s predictive lead scoring.

Gain trust in your scoring system

The next time a sales rep asks why a lead was given a certain score, respond with confidence.

With MadKudu’s score lookup, you’re able to enter an email address, and see exactly which inputs led to the score. With a transparent model that’s easy to adjust, you can incorporate feedback in real time, building stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Build marketing and sales alignment

With the score lookup feature, you’re able to:

  • Easily investigate lead scores - Confidently answer why leads were given a certain score
  • View the data points that went into the score - See the exact inputs that led to either a high or low score
  • Incorporate feedback from sales in real time - Make adjustments to the model to make sure no great fit leads fall through the cracks, and no low fit leads are assigned to sales.
  • Access all enrichment data in one place - View all company, tech, and hiring data points, and filter based on which are having an impact on the final score