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Revenue Roundtable: Driving Sales and Marketing truth alignment through revenue

We’ve all heard the age old tale “sales and marketing are not aligned,” sources say up to 90% of sales and marketing teams believe they are misaligned.

But according to Forrester, companies with high levels of alignment realize 2.4x higher revenue growth and 2x higher growth in profitability.

This problem feels almost ‘unsolvable,’ but we’ve seen the massive impact that revenue automation intelligence can have on building alignment on these teams around revenue truth.

Key takeaways:

  • Revenue growth is a balancing act between quality, quantity, velocity of growth, cost of growth, scalability, and more. When there’s tension between sales and marketing, it becomes almost impossible to balance all of the different factors that contribute to growth.
  • True alignment between sales and marketing happens when both teams have shared resources, such as data, definitions, language, and incentives.
  • There isn’t just one person or group responsible for driving alignment. It takes investment and commitment from the top down. Executives set the tone, marketing ops facilitate collaboration at the center, and sales and marketing teams have to be active participants.
  • It’s essential for all teams to be looking at the same data sets in order to pull unbiased insights on qualified leads and opportunities.
  • Instead of a hand-off, marketing and sales teams need a feedback loop. Both teams should meet regularly to talk through sales calls, win loss analyses, best performing marketing channels, and more. Nothing great can be accomplished in silos.

Hear from top revenue leaders on how they create a shared language between marketing and sales that increases efficiency.


Damien Couennaux

Enterprise Accounts Executive

Mallory Lee

VP, Operations

Shannon Curran

VP, Marketing