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Drift generates 90% of their pipeline from 25% of their leads


Drift enables businesses to have real-time conversations with their prospects when they’re the warmest (on your website, on your product...). Drift helps 100k+ customers, including fast-growing companies like InVision, Zenefits or Zuora.

Drift coined conversational marketing to help businesses to talk to customers on their own terms.

The business challenge

Drift's strong brand awareness & marketing generates thousands of leads per week. While this is every marketer’s dream, it also means the sales team doesn't have the bandwidth to talk to each lead. More importantly, not all leads should be pushed to sales as most are a better fit for the self-serve process and some are not even a fit for Drift.

The Marketing Ops team at Drift was therefore facing the tough questions of:

- how to identify the right leads to start a conversation with

- how to engage the leads that were ready for sales

How MadKudu helped

Drift turned to MadKudu to uncover a better way of utilizing their sales force. MadKudu not only helped Drift see that 25% of leads generated 90% of their revenue, but also enabled Drift to identify those leads in real-time, meaning their sales team could prioritize outreach to the leads that mattered most every single day.

Instead of talking to everyone and anyone, Drift decided to live and breath their own motto: Drive conversations with the people who are willing to have one.

MadKudu is used to score leads and send them straight to Salesforce so that Drift’s awesome sales team can focus on what they do best: having real conversations and closing deals.

Now that MadKudu is baked into the beginning of the customer journey, the entire company started rallying around a common metric. The marketing team uses the scores to assess their campaign’s performance. The board runs their bottom line planning knowing how much great leads do they need.

MadKudu is ingrained into Drift’s business. This is how you achieve growing your revenue by 50% year over year, you focus on having real conversations with your best leads and do so by being as effective as you can.

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