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How OutSystems Had their Best Month Ever with MadKudu Sales Intelligence


OutSystems is a low-code development platform that enables users to create, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade applications quickly and efficiently.

We chatted with the team to learn how MadKudu has been able to solve a problem they’ve been looking to solve for the past 5 years; increasing pipeline by effectively prioritizing inbound leads.

“Within one month of onboarding MadKudu, we saw our best month ever in terms of meetings booked and quality of opportunities. I couldn't be happier with MadKudu.” - Brett Rizzo, Director of Sales Development, Outsystems

Before MadKudu: Struggling with In House Models

Terry Green, Sr. Director of Sales Operations & Strategy at OutSystems, came to MadKudu because they were struggling with in house scoring models. There was no visibility into the models, the data was siloed, and there was a long wait time when changes needed to be made.

They needed an easy and effective way to prioritize the high volume of inbound leads that were coming in through their website. This needed to be done in a way that made it easy for the sales team to act on high quality leads; reducing speed to lead, and increasing pipeline and revenue.

The OutSystem’s team had three main goals when implementing MadKudu:

  • Improve visibility into lead scoring (i.e. accurate signals in Salesforce records)
  • Give marketing transparency and control over why leads are given a certain score
  • Reduce SLA (goal of <48 hours) for outreach

Deploying MadKudu Sales Intelligence (MSI)

OutSystems onboarded MadKudu last summer, and piloted the new Sales Intelligence feature.

Since the goals above aligned with the value of MSI, they were a perfect fit for our beta program.

What is MadKudu Sales Intelligence?

Instead of having to log into multiple tools in the hopes of finding something relevant for outreach, MadKudu Sales Intelligence acts as an aggregator of your different data sources, surfacing key data points for the sales team directly in Salesforce.

The tool surfaces your best fit leads, and provides the context to personalize outreach, such as job openings, tech stack, and recent activity within your product or on your website.

Here’s what it looks like within Salesforce.

How OutSystems Uses MSI to Get More Meetings Booked

OutSystems has a team of around 50 sales development reps (SDRs), and they are given leads and accounts to work on a regular basis.

SDRs are paired with accounts executives to go after accounts that are assigned based on region.

They were able to aggregate all of their data sources by integrating MadKudu with their sales, marketing, and product software. MadKudu supplements this with firmographic, technographic, & hiring enrichment data.

Monitoring active users

In the users tab within MSI, you can view the active users, including their title, persona, and number of recent activities. OutSystems uses this view to personalize their outreach.

Mentioning a colleague that’s active in the platform

For companies with a free trial or free plan, the end user of the platform is often not the person who has purchasing power.

SDRs at OutSystems know this, so if they’re trying to get the attention of the buyer persona, they’ll mention the active end user in their outreach.

Using their colleagues’ name in email cadences catches prospects’ attention, and leads to a higher reply rate.

Setting up alerts for buyer personas

Within MSI, OutSystems sets up alerts to get notified instantly when a buyer persona at a target account does something meaningful, like signing up for their product for the first time.

This allows them to reach out to the right person at the right time, when they are displaying the most interest in their product.

Viewing open jobs

In the job openings tab, the reps can view open roles, as well as software listed on the job posting.

OutSystems helps developers hit the ground running

Since OutSystems is a low code development software, one of their main value props is helping developers work more quickly.

A sequence that has worked well for their team is reaching out to accounts that are hiring for developers, and explaining how their software can expedite onboarding, or even reduce the need for hiring.

Since MadKudu Sales Intelligence provides this information directly in Salesforce, it’s easy for SDRs to customize plays based on the data points provided.

Viewing activity feed

Within MSI, you can view and filter recent marketing, product, and sales activity, and set up alerts for different activity types.

Provide resources for specific features

Reps are able to research accounts, and see which features within their product the prospect is using most.

This provides an easy way to pique attention, because they are able to be helpful in their outreach, offering ways for them to get the most out of what they’re using.

Aligning marketing & sales

Not only did MSI help sales get more meetings booked, it also helped marketing identify and fine tune the engagement and customer fit scores. They were able to create a feedback loop with sales, where sales could provide insight into if certain leads were qualified or not, allowing the marketing team to adjust the model to better represent their target audience.

Only Scratching the Surface

These are just a few examples of how OutSystems is using MSI to drive more pipeline and revenue.

With easy access to all relevant product, marketing, and sales touch points, there are tons of different plays the team can run to effectively convey the value of their tool to their top prospects!

Interested in getting started with MadKudu Sales Intelligence? Get a demo.

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