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UXPin increases free trial conversion rate by 21%

UXPin is a product design platform that allows product and design teams to easily design, collaborate on, and present both high and low fidelity, fully-interactive wireframes and prototypes.

The business challenge

The marketing team at UXPin has been very successful at establishing themselves as thought-leaders in the product and design community. UXPin has published more than 40 ebooks and offers lots of free resources. Traffic to their website is huge and they see a large number of daily signups.

A key challenge for the team was to increase the conversion rate of their 7-day free trials. An email drip campaign was already in place, but the team thought there was an opportunity in using advanced data analytics to better understand the needs of each user, better guide users to get value from UXPin, and ultimately increase conversion.

How MadKudu helped

It took less than 5 minutes for the UXPin team to connect MadKudu with KISSmetrics, their web analytics solution.

MadKudu automatically analyzed the behavior of every UXPin trial user, ie. every click and event inside the application. Using statistical methods, we found what actions or behaviors were the true indicators that a user (was getting value and) would ultimately convert. For example, creating a mock-up with a specific number of elements, sharing a document with a team member, or using a particular design feature were found to be the most important drivers. Conversely, a variety of other behaviors were found to not matter.

Armed with this knowledge, the UXPin team created new highly-targeted emails to educate users on those features and encourage them to take action.

They then connected MadKudu to Marketo, their marketing automation solution. Now, MadKudu automatically updates the profile of each Marketo contact to indicate which action the UXPin team should take in order to increase engagement and convert that user.

The results

Madkudu and UXPin ran an experiment in which 50% of users received the traditional drip campaign emails while the other 50% received targeted campaign emails with our recommended next-best actions The A/B testing results showed a 21% increase in conversion rate between the two groups, resulting in thousands of dollars of additional MRR each month.

They did it with MadKudu


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