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Increase qualified opportunities by +90%  
82% increase in sales accepted leads
Save 100+ hours updating scoring models
Spend <5% of time on low fit accounts
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95% of your revenue comes from 5% of Your Leads

MadKudu finds that 5%

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At Outreach, we believe in the power of human connection in sales. There’s a lot of AI noise in the market, but when used correctly it can unlock seller productivity. Our partnership with MadKudu represents how modern selling should be done, where AI isn't replacing sellers but empowering them to be more effective. With MadKudu's AI integrated into our platform, sellers can now access critical workflows, resulting in more meaningful interactions and ultimately driving revenue growth.
- Manny Medina,
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Since implementing MadKudu we have seen a 60% increase in pipeline from PQLs and a 20% increase in ARR from our ABM motion. We are continuing to expand our use of MadKudu to all our go-to-market motions.
– TJ Nokelby,
Director of Demand Generation
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Within one month of onboarding MadKudu, we saw our best month ever in terms of meetings booked and quality of opportunities. I couldn't be happier with MadKudu.
– Brett Rizzo,
Director of Sales Development
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