MadKudu Facebook Ad Optimizer

MadKudu trains Facebook to yield 700% higher return on ad spend

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"Using MadKudu to optimize Ad spend resulted in a 3x increase in ROI from facebook. More good leads, more money!"

Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth, Drift

Train the facebook AI with MadKudu predicted lead values

Generate up to 3x the number of qualified leads with the same spend
Facebook leads convert on your website
View-through and Click-through visitors are tracked with your facebook pixel
MadKudu predicts their value in real-time
MadKudu predicts the value of each incoming lead and sends it back to facebook to train its AI
Leverage the data in facebook to optimze your bidding
Facebook will learn to bid based on the predicted value of any lead in your audience to ensure your spend is aligned with value
Facebook's delivery system will show your ads to people who are likely to maximize the amount of value they'll generate

Easy to set up

Connect your CRM to MadKudu

Add a one-line javascript snippet to your page

Switch to "highest value" bid strategy

That's it!

Fast growing B2B marketing teams are growing faster with MadKudu. Find out how.

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