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Instantly increase your sales pipeline by 60%

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"By inverting the problem and allowing qualified visitors to schedule meetings, booking rates went through the roof."

Guillaume Cabane, VP Growth, Segment

Make your signup form intelligent

Generate 2x more qualified sales calls
Visitors enter their email
MadKudu qualifies them in real-time
MadKudu uses historical and 3rd party data to predict whether or not they should be sent to the sales team.
Qualified leads opt-in for a free sales consultation
Leads identified as a great fit for sales get offered to book a sales consultation. Other leads don't get the prompt.
Your sales team see new meetings in their calendar!

"MadKudu solves a huge problem by ensuring our team is booking demos only with highly qualified leads."

Simon Whittick, VP Marketing, Geckoboard

MadKudu Fastlane in action

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Easy to set up

Add a one-line javascript snippet to your page

Pick the field that captures your leads' emails

Pick an option to personalize your form

That's it!

Fast growing B2B marketing teams are making their forms smarter with MadKudu. Find out how.

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