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The MadKudu Platform

Building a marketing ops Engine is hard.
MadKudu makes it easy.

Leverage MadKudu's API-First
Operational Marketing Engine To Unlock Revenue In Any Channel

The most successful companies have a well-oiled marketing operations engine to transform marketing into a revenue machine.

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Building an operational marketing engine yourself is actually hard work

What's Required

1. Data Standardization

Unifying your customer data across all channels and tools in today’s digital age is critical so that your business can meet your customers where they are in the buying journey. This includes identity resolution and lead-to-account mapping.

2. Data Aggregation

Create aggregated insights, instead of individual user behaviors, in the scoring model both on a person and account levels.

3. Data Enrichment

Augment your customer profile with third-party enrichment information in order to increase your understanding of a prospect or account.

4. Predictions

Build a lead quality system that is able to prioritize the qualified and engaged people in all your sales and marketing activities. The scoring models need to be monitored and updated regularly to ensure you are not missing any great leads.

5. Routing Logic

Simulate the workflow logic based on the scores to understand the volume of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) Sales can expect within a given time frame.

6. Workflow Automation

Build workflows in real-time to automate sales prioritization efforts or marketing campaigns.

7. Monitoring

Monitor the quality of leads and its impact to the bottom line so that you can communicate the performance of the marketing team on the overall business.

MadKudu Makes it Easy To Setup Your
Operational Marketing Engine

Real-time logic, in any channel

We offer our scores through an API, which allows you to create
“fastlanes” for high-scored prospects.


We receive data from numerous data vendors and are constantly evaluating new sources to improve coverage.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Automatically monitor and update scoring to adjust to your go-to-market strategy.

Deploy Your Operational
Marketing Engine Within Hours
Instead Of Months.

We Built The Engine, So You Don't Have To

One platform that does all the
adapted to all your business needs

With MadKudu’s API-first platform, you only need to do a one-time data-in setup and you will get access to a suite of components that are required to build a revenue-generating operational marketing engine as part of the platform. We do the heavy-lifting of managing your customer data across all channels, building and monitoring a lead quality system, as well as creating automations in your workflow.

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