MadKudu for HubSpot

Say goodbye to manual lead scoring and blackbox solutions

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Accurately qualifying leads is hard...

  1. Your reps waste time on unqualified leads

    Some leads don't fit your customer profile.

    Others will never close because they won't use your product.

    Wasted time - no budget

    Name:Bob NoBudget


    Company:Bob's Little Company

    No. Employees:1

    Calls Made:10

    Emails Sent:5

  2. Your reps miss high-potential leads

    Sales can miss great leads because reps have an incomplete view of the customer.

    Missed opportunity - great lead never contacted



    Company:SuperBig co.

    No. Employees:10,000

    Calls Made:0

    Emails Sent:0

MadKudu identifies your best customers using
in-app behavior & demographic data

  1. Identify your best leads

    MadKudu analyzes your customers and segments leads based on demographic data like title, industry, and size.

    Name:Gary Greatlead


    Customer Fit

    • - Segment:Very High

    • - Reason:No. Employees 2000

    • Industry:Advertising

  2. Close leads faster by knowing who is ready to buy

    MadKudu aggregates your customers’ in-app behavior to identify those who are ready to buy.

    Name:Delighted Darlene

    Likely to Buy

    • - Segment:Very High

    • - Score:92

    • - Reason:Invited 7 users last 3 days, connected gmail account

  3. Target upsell candidates

    MadKudu identifies upsell candidates based on customer profile and behavior.

    Name:Bobby Biggerplan

    Likely to Upsell

    • - Segment:High

    • - Score:82

    • - Reason:Created 3 dashboards in last 7 days

Build trust with your sales team

Give them the reasons that explain why a lead is scored high or low

HubSpot profile with MadKudu

Say goodbye to manual lead scoring

Rule-based lead scoring is impossible to maintain in SaaS applications where the market and product are constantly evolving.

The Old Way

Too hard to maintain. Guesses, not
based on data.

  • Signed up
  • Connected Gmail
  • Unsubscribed from newsletter
  • Title is CXO
  • Title is VP
  • Hotmail Account
  • QQ Account up

The MadKudu way

Setup once. Prediction algorithms automatically
adapt based on data.

  1. Customer Data
  2. Madkudu
    Predictive Analysis
  3. Intelligent lead scores & enriched customer profiles

"MadKudu is definitively the best option out there to qualify your Hubspot leads and create more sales pipeline. I cannot recommend it enough"

Jack Moberger, Marketing Operations, AppCues

Fast Growing B2B Marketing teams are growing faster
with Hubspot & MadKudu