MadKudu for HubSpot

The Best Lead scoring for HubSpot Marketers

MadKudu makes it easy for you to build, implement and maintain a lead score in Hubspot.

Trusted by the most successful marketing ops leaders

They’ve tried so many other options, but they chose MadKudu.


Increase in
Pipeline Generated

"MadKudu’s automatic understanding of the best leads and their ACV has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound lead volume for our sales team and close business much more efficiently."
-Jack Moberger, Marketing and Strategy at Appcues

Why MadKudu for HubSpot

Forget Arbitrary rules, let the data speak for itself

MadKudu’s predictive technology is able to weed out noisy opinions and tell you which leads or accounts are most likely to convert based on historical data.

Enrich your customer
profiles with best
in-class data

Instead of evaluating and purchasing data enrichment vendors, you can simply plug in MadKudu, and obtain the most optimal demographic, firmographic and technographic datapoints to augment your customer profiles.

Roll out an easy-to-understand system for Sales, not a blackbox

Give your Sales team the visibility on what goes into each score through actionable signals for successful outreach.

Ensure your Sales team is productive 24/7

Never be surprised about Sales SLA again; you have full visibility on whether your lead scores are being used by the Sales team and how you can drive further adoption.

Adapt the scoring as your business grows, with one-click

Establish a strong feedback loop with your Sales team and the market, with agile flexibility to update the lead scores according to that feedback.

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