Predictive Scoring
for Leads & Accounts

Identify the 20% of prospects that will generate 80% of your revenue

Sales Profiles

  • Name: Joe Customer
  • Company: Ace Bandaids
  • Phone: 555-1212

Mktg. Campaigns

  • Opened Email
  • Downloaded PDF
  • Pricing Page

Product Behavior

  • Signed Up
  • Invited 3 Colleagues
  • Created Dashboard

Firmographic Data

  • Title
  • Company Size
  • Industry
Prediction Analytics
Profile Enrichment
Data cleansing

Enriched Profiles

  • Name: Joe Customer
  • Company: Ace Bandaids
  • Phone: 555-1212
MadKudu Signals
  • Customer Fit
  • Ready to Buy
  • Upsell
  • Churn Potential

Operationalized Scores
Deliver Better Results

Relevant conversations at every step of the customer journey

Drive smarter
marketing campaigns

Retarget highly qualified accounts with higher ad spent, cut investment to channels that don't deliver

Personalize the
buyer journey

Redesign your website & onboarding flow so your best users get VIP treatment

Increase sales efficiency

Prioritize first touch & follow-up to your highest value prospects.

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