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What Sales ACTUALLY thinks of lead scoring?

About this episode

Lead scores have always been an issue of contention between Sales and Marketing. Marketers, have you ever wondered... what do Salespeople actually think about the lead scores you roll out?

Kevin Ellison, both a user of and Sales Lead at MadKudu, has seen how lead scores can make or break B2B sales organizations. He shares an unfiltered Sales' perspective of lead scoring, and what marketers can do to build trust with Sales when rolling out lead scores.

"Salespeople spend more time qualifying MQLs than reaching out to them"

Salespeople receive MQLs from the Marketing team, but they don't trust the MQLs since they are in accounts that are not ready to buy.

As a result, they do all the work of qualifying these MQLs rather than reaching out to them.

Thus, Sales will work through the “obviously good” MQLs first, e.g. director titles and ignore a not obviously good MQL in a highly engaged account.


Looking at MQLs can allow you to miss the non-obviously great leads.

To build trust on lead scoring with Sales, instead of just looking at fit and engagement on lead-level by surfacing MQLs, you should:

✅Surface Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs) based on engagement and fit
✅Highlight the buyer within those accounts as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

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