MadKudu for Product-Led Growth

Product-Led Growth poses a unique challenge for Marketing Ops leaders. There’s no easy way to ingest product data from your data warehouse, marketing automation platform, and CRM into a real-time engine to fuel prioritization, segmentation, and personalization. 

Learn how MadKudu can enable you to build predictive scoring models without engineering resources or learning Python.

"Enabling us to 80:20 demand across Growth, Marketing and Sales"

MadKudu has enabled us to prioritize a huge inbound funnel of free signups. This has allowed us to dramatically increase the performance of our business development function along with enabling marketing and growth teams to use a scoring architecture across our Martech. The possibilities of what can be achieved with this tool span far far beyond lead scoring!

Why Marketing Teams Choose MadKudu for Product-Led Growth

Determine the Optimal Routing

Utilize first and third-party demographic, technographic, and firmographic data to inform whether a lead should be enrolled in an automated self-serve path or speak directly with sales. With MadKudu, you can build unique scoring models for your product-led and enterprise go-to-market motions. MadKudu's data science studio enables rapid model iteration and alignment with ever-changing inbound and rep feedback.

No More Guesswork: Finding True PQLs 

To understand engagement and identify true PQLs, you need to identify the statistical correlation between events and actual conversions at the lead and account levels. MadKudu processes your product data from sources like Segment or Amplitude and your data warehouse (Snowflake, Redshift, etc.) to find critical milestones in the journey that warrant action. 

Empower Your Sales Reps With Product Usage Data

Visibility into product usage, firmographic, and demographic data is critical with any product-led motion, so sales knows who to reach out to, when, and with what message. With MadKudu, you can customize and surface signals on lead, contact, and account records to highlight critical milestones like inviting the first user, taking 10 admin actions, or whatever is most relevant to your business.

Use Data-Driven Insights to Inform Your Acquisition Strategy

Provide feedback to your demand gen team on who to target for acquisition campaigns, reducing your cost per qualified lead, and cutting through the noise. MadKudu provides you with data-driven insights like which personas to target within specific accounts, enabling your demand gen team to optimize programs towards the best outcomes. 

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