Marketing insights

Maximize your Marketing Impact

Gain insights into which channels are driving the most pipeline and have the highest ROI so you can optimize your marketing spend around your most effective tactics.
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100+ hours saved
57% more revenue with 46% less leads
2x more qualified opportunities

Take the guesswork out of your GTM strategy

Segment your audience based on fit & behavior

MadKudu’s predictive scoring identifies the low, medium, and best fit prospects in your database, so you can prioritize getting in front of people who are most likely to purchase from you.
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Predict channel performance to get the most out of your budget

Don’t wait until revenue closes to know if a channel is working, predict the value of the channel with real-time insight into the quality of pipeline you’re producing.
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Target prospects based on predicted lead value

Scale your spend based on a lead’s potential value and automate workflows in order to roll out the red carpet for your hottest prospects.
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Align around your ICP definition

Get the entire revenue team aligned on who falls within your ideal customer profile based on historical conversions, maximizing touch points with your best fit leads and accounts.
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Start building predictable, repeatable pipeline

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Align your marketing campaigns to revenue, and allocate your limited budget to the highest performing channels.

Customer Success

Practice proactive customer success by monitoring the customer actions that most often lead to expansion opportunities.
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Focus your energy on actions that result in closed won revenue, and move upmarket by identifying the signals that lead to bigger deals.

Revenue Ops

Surface the most relevant buying signals to your GTM team with the transparency you need to build trust.
Expected Revenue

Surface only the relevant insights where your team already works.

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