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Getting the Job

Job Responsibilities and Requirements 

While we know that technical mastery, communication skills, and strategic thinking are critical to marketing ops roles, we wanted to understand what is specifically being asked by B2B tech companies to get the job.

We analyzed 75 marketing ops job descriptions focusing on manager and senior manager level roles to identify the most common job responsibilities and requirements. 

In terms of job responsibilities, data analysis and reporting showed up the most, with collaboration and working cross-functionally showing up as a close second.


Regarding job requirements, communication skills and project management ranked towards the top, aligning closely with a core job responsibility of collaboration and cross-functional work.

A major trend within both the job responsibilities and requirements was the importance of communication skills (reinforcing our above point!). Nearly 80% of the job descriptions we analyzed mentioned collaboration and working cross-functionally as core job responsibilities. And, the same rang true when analyzing what qualifications companies asked of MOPs professionals. Nearly 80% of companies ranked communication skills as highly important when looking for a candidate. 

From a technology perspective, Salesforce by far stood out as the most mentioned tool (in nearly 90% of the job descriptions) a marketing ops professional should be equipped to use. Marketing automation, in general, followed as a close second. When looking at the specific marketing automation tools companies wanted a MOPs professional to be well versed in, Marketo took the number one spot.

Pay & Benefits

With the many requirements necessary to get a Marketing Ops job, what is the average MOPs salary?

ZipRecruiter reports the average salary of Marketing Operations Managers as $85,624, and Glassdoor notes a similar figure at $85,536.

According to a survey (with nearly 500 submissions) created by Sara McNamara, the average compensation across titles (including bonus, stock, etc.) of Marketing Ops professionals is $115,279.23. This number varies by city and title, with San Francisco and VP of Marketing Operations leading the pack. 

The same survey also asked respondents to rank what benefits are most important to them. A flexible work schedule was rated as the number desired benefit by nearly 44% of respondents. 401k was ranked second by 26% of people, and employer-paid health insurance was ranked third by 18%. 

We recommend utilizing benchmarks like these (filtered by your experience level, title, etc.) to have informed salary discussions with new or current employers. As an often-overlooked role, marketing ops professionals must advocate for themselves.

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