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The Best Use of AI Tools and Intent Data

With Jeff Coyle, Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse

Jeff Coyle, guest speaker "The Best Use of AI Tools and Intent Data" episdoe


AI tools have ushered in a new era of fast-tracked content generation. Jeff Coyle from MarketMuse explains the best approach to make AI tools work for the marketing process, how to align the C-Suite with that process, and what intent data can mean for your company.

Meet Jeff

Jeff Coyle is the Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse. He is a cross-disciplined, data-driven inbound marketing executive with 20+ years of experience managing products and website networks; focused on helping companies grow.

Top Takeaways

AI Tools

How do you feel about AI tools that automatically generate content?

I don't want to publish 20 terrible articles. I want to publish 20 beautiful articles and if I can reduce the time that I spend doing any of the boring tasks, that's a win.

There are two options in the market right now. One is by Open AI, who created GPT. The other is Market Muse. At Market Muse, we can build a trained language model that can give you inspiration for content.

The next innovations are going to be changing the way people think about generated content, using AI to your advantage and to add value. You’ll be able to use it for inspiration to actually use your expertise and the art creating content so you can focus on production value.

Explaining the Marketing Funnel to C-Suite Executives

How do you help the C-Suite understand the marketing funnel, especially when it comes to content?

It all comes down to everyone being on the same page, at least to some degree, about the customer journey. C-Suite execs often try to just shove people in a demo room with no background given beforehand.

What I hear a lot from C-suites as well as from demand gen teams is in the earlier stages of the funnel, is that content isn't as important. They're not valuing the fact that you have to show customers that you actually have that knowledge they’re looking for.

If you don't have the content to truly inform customers on your site, where are they getting their information to make that purchase decision from your sales team?

They’re most likely getting that information from other sources. And so if you want the world to be educated by other people, it better be with a concerted affiliate strategy. If you want them to be educated by your competitors, you want them to be educated by aggregate. Review sites are going to go do that anyway, but you also need the source of truth on your website.

It's not just about the lead. It's about empowering you so that you can generate leads for all your marketing actions. You want to make it so that when you ask for the sale, you get the conversion. Sure, it can happen if you had no footprint, but you're rolling dice.

Intent Data

How is intent data generated?

There are a couple types of intent data constructs. They’ve now become kind of layered.

One of them is a walled garden of content. The other is a walled garden community. What that means is that they are capturing data about activities, just like you would on your site, but it's a larger entity is capturing data on their communities, capturing data on their websites, about content that is read.

If four people from MadKudu are on a third-party website like G2 Crowd and you're researching reviews on search engine optimization, software content, strategy, and software, that may be a signal of intent that you're researching a content strategy platform and a search engine optimization platform. G2 can then turn around and sell that information in some way, shape and form to the entire category of people who provide that solution.