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Demystifying Rev Ops and Its Relationship With Marketing Ops

With Asia Corbett, Senior Revenue Operations Manager at Bread Payments

Asia Corbett, guest speaker "Demystifying Rev Ops and Its Relationship With Marketing Ops" episode


Asia Corbett champions Rev Ops as the way to help Marketing Ops align with the rest of the organization. Using the foundational view from Rev Ops cuts down on misinformation and assumptions that can derail the focus and effectiveness of Marketing Ops.

Meet Asia

Asia Corbett currently works as Senior Revenue Operations at Bread. At the time of recording, she was on the team at

Asia is a staunch supporter of education at all levels of your career. In college she started the Cal State Economics Association to ensure students majoring in economics weren’t passed over or ignored in the College of Business and Economics.

She built on her passion to educate and help direct others to success through her work as a researcher and analyst at DHR International, Bosch, and Stanford University School of Medicine.

Before joining as the Director of Revenue Operations in 2021, Asia spent six years growing her operational experience in various business analyst and operation analyst roles in companies such as Riverbed Technology, Valent USA, Presence Learning, and New Relic.

Top Takeaways

What is Rev Ops?

What is rev ops and how does it work in tandem with marketing ops?

Revenue ops is a holistic operation that supports your revenue generating teams, which includes marketing ops. Sales ops are also a part of customer success as is the support team.

If you have a partner channel it includes all of those teams. Revenue operations is responsible for supporting the foundation for them so that they can go do what they do best, which is bringing more revenue.

Where does Marketing Ops fit with Rev Ops?

What are some good analogies of how Rev Ops fits with Marketing Ops?

Revenue operations is kind of like a pie and marketing operations is just one piece of that pie.

The whole pie supports the entire go-to-market engine. Marketing operations is just one of those. But rev marketing ops is not rev ops. A lot of people confuse that.

Marketing Ops is a piece of Rev Ops. It’s a part of revenue operations, but it is not equal to revenue operations. Revenue operations the whole funnel from top to bottom, with marketing at the top and sales, customer success, and support at the bottom.

Little Known Important Parts of Rev Ops

What part of Rev Ops is very important but not talked about as much?

Without rev ops, neither would have a stable foundation to build their important work on. There’s an emphasis on the data and analytics used by marketing ops and sales ops to come up with insights for the company. It’s a very important part of the process. But you need that foundation of a defined business process first.

If there is no system integrity and you don't have defined business processes, you're not going to be able to report anything.

To me, the most important piece of revenue, operations, sales, operations, or marketing operations is the business process. That's the very first layer. Once you have your process, then you can put your systems on top of that. 

Why Marketing Ops Should Report to Rev Ops

What benefit is there to Marketing Ops reporting to Rev Ops?

Reporting to Rev Ops helps keep the high level goals aligned for the entire company. Because Rev Ops sees the whole pie instead of just the slice that Marketing Ops or Sales Ops focuses on it’s easier to keep everything balanced.

Otherwise, one small thing that happens upstream in a leadership role in Marketing Ops done without the knowledge of the broader picture seen in Rev Ops can have a ripple effect downstream.