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The Surprising Background of Future CMOs

With Daniel Murray, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at ServiceTitan

Daniel Murray, guest speaker "The Surprising Background of Future CMOs" episode


Daniel Murray says future CMOs will come from Marketing Ops. To grow your career to lead the next generation of marketing you’ll need to know how to personalize your communications based on your audience, keep the end user in mind along with internal stakeholders, and learn more about the intuitive side of marketing.

Meet Daniel

Daniel knows how to work with a team from his experience in college as a D1 football player at the University of Cincinnati and San Diego.

He did marketing at ServiceTitan, ChowNow, Oracle, SnackNation and the Corrao Group before becoming the Solutions Consultant, Marketing Ops at Clearbit.

You may see his marketing tips and tricks posted on LinkedIn about demand gen, marketing ops, rev ops and posts about marketing.

Top Takeaways

Crafting Conversations Based On Your Internal Audience

How do you change the way that you talk about tools and processes when working with different teams and executives, like your CMO or your VP of market?

You tailor each conversation to like their priorities and needs. Ask yourself what they actually care about.

For example, for CMOs, that would include driving revenue and pipeline. Talk to them about how you can be efficient with pipeline or revenue. That will help them think about how they can drive revenue and pipeline at a faster rate and grow faster.

For every person and role you speak to, come up with a personalized pitch. Don’t forget the underlings. You want them on your side to help convince their boss by presenting your idea from a bunch of different viewpoints.

Caring About the End User (Buyer) in Addition to Internal Teams

How can you keep the end user (buyer) in mind at the same time as your internal teams?

I think of the end user (buyer) and internal teams as two customers and two different stakeholders.

You’ll need to think about how you support internal stakeholders as a marketing ops team but also how data, tech, and processes you come up with in conjunction with internal stakeholders affect the user experience and journey.

When communicating new processes for either end users or internal stakeholders, simplify as much as possible.

The Future of Marketing Ops

What Does the Future of Marketing Ops Look Like?

In the future, CMOs will come from a marketing ops background. That’s why if you’re marketing ops you should learn more about marketing.

Marketing Ops is inherently data driven. You need to add the intuitive side of marketing from demand generation. A CMO works with the financials and the data to be a strategic advisor. You can only do that successfully if you have intimate knowledge of everything involved.

The Number One Priority of Building Service Titan

Can you share the framework behind Service Titan with us?

OKRs of the marketing ops team should always be tied to the CMO. You have to have that link to the leader of the team.

For Service Titan, it’s revenue, pipeline, CAC payback, and LTB to CAC because those are the numbers that show efficiency.

Anything that affects customer leads, new buyers, new customers, or customer flow is priority number one. The next priority is the revenue goal from the CMO. You have to make sure that whatever you’re doing is driving revenue. Then you consider the goals of marketing ops, which boils down to whatever marketing obstacles you face.