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The Untapped Potential of Collaborating with Other Technical Teams

With Tamir Belzer, Marketing Operations Manager at Logz.io

Tamir Belzer, guest speaker "The Untapped Potential of Collaborating with Other Technical Teams" episode


Tamir Belzer champions a collaborative approach to working with other technical teams for successful campaigns built on data-driven and community approaches. Learn more about the best way to work with BI and analytics teams, who should take ownership of analytics tracking for products, and how market segmentation plays into strategy.

Meet Tamir

From a start in tech support in telecommunications at 012 Golden Lines, Tamir transitioned to an analyst role at IFAT Media Analysis. Five years later he headed a team of 15-20 people at IFAT as the manager of the electronic media department.

He made his leap to marketing ops in 2014 with DBMaestro as a marketing operation expert before joining Logz.io in 2018 as the marketing operations manager.

Top Takeaways

Ownership of Amplitude Tracking

Who owns amplitude tracking for the product-driven focus at Logz.io? 

The SEO team owns the maintenance and handling of amplitude tracking. At the same time they’re working with the BI team and the product analytics team to help track events in the product itself, not just on the website.

The big challenge is to remember that if you offer new conversions or paths to customers you have to update things. Keeping track can become difficult which is why the SEO team works hand in hand with the BI team and product analytics.

Whether to Build or Buy

Which would be more beneficial: working with BI and Analytics teams or learning developer tools yourself?

First, you need to understand your platform. If you offer a free trial to consumers, you should know what they can do with the free trial, what they can’t do, how many users can be added, etc.

From there you can work on understanding the basic core of SQL and how it works. You don’t need to know more than that unless you want to. That helps you approach the BI and analytics teams to ask them if they have any ideas for campaigns based on that data or ask more in-depth questions about the product.


How does Logz.io use market segmentation?

We build our presence in the community by starting with those just entering it.

A lot of students who use the free trial wind up becoming developers at another company. We send them updates about new features that could help them in their current positions. That way we don’t overwhelm them with enterprise features in the beginning. Building that way helps cement our relationship with them throughout their career.