Add IntelligenceTo Your Revenue Automation

MadKudu’s AI analyzes your data to to surface the most important buying signals across the customer journey — allowing your revenue team to focus on the actions that matter most.
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Get Up And Running In Hours. See Results Within A Month.

Ditch the spreadsheets and black box solutions, you deserve a smarter way to predict & prioritize revenue, that doesn’t take 6 months to see ROI.
Work within the platforms you use every day
Bring your data as it is (we do the rest)
Get the key signals needed to turn prospects into pipeline
Easily make changes based on real time feedback

Built With Features That Make Finding Revenue Painless

Predictive Scoring

MadKudu’s AI surfaces the prospects that are most likely to buy.
MadKudu uses predictive first & third party data aggregation to instantly score the leads and accounts coming into your system based on how closely their profile and behaviors match your ideal customer.
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Supports Your Entire GTM

Empower your product-led, sales-led, marketing-led, anything-led motions.
Optimize revenue from your product-led, inbound, account based, and expansion plays. We analyze all your prospect data and surface the best targets, creating one funnel for one team.
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Smart Retargeting

Budget is sacred. Spend it on the leads who are ready to convert.
Adjust your marketing to only spend budget on the leads that pass a certain behavior threshold, decreasing your customer acquisition costs, and improve ROI.
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Intuitive Sales Intelligence

All of the context that sellers need to take action, directly in your CRM.
No more switching between tools. Your sales team gets the information needed to identify and personalize outreach to your best fit prospects, all within your CRM.
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Connect Your Data.
Let MadKudu Do The Rest.

# 1

Connect Your Data

Connect your first and third party data sources in a couple of clicks. MadKudu layers in our own hiring, technographic, and company enrichment data
# 2

Our Platform Surfaces 
Relevant Signals

MadKudu instantly analyzes both behavioral and profile data to understand which signals are most correlated with revenue.
# 3

View Prospects By Customer Fit and Behavior

MadKudu is deeply embedded in leading sales and marketing platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom, and more. Focus on generating revenue and not on switching tabs and logging into tools.
# 4

Work Within The Tools You Use Everyday

This information is served to your team directly in your CRM, in a way that’s easy to understand.
# 5

Personalize Outreach Based On Signals

You’re able to reach out to the right prospects, at the right time, with the right context.
# 6

Double Your Conversion Rates & Pipeline

By targeting your highest value prospects, you’re able to 2x your pipeline, and drive more revenue.

Where top revenue leaders solve their revenue problem

MadKudu for


Align your marketing campaigns to revenue, and allocate your limited budget to the highest performing channels.

Customer Success

Practice proactive customer success by monitoring the customer actions that most often lead to expansion opportunities.
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Focus your energy on actions that result in closed won revenue, and move upmarket by identifying the signals that lead to bigger deals.

Revenue Ops

Surface the most relevant buying signals to your GTM team with the transparency you need to build trust.
Expected Revenue

Hear what our customers have to say….

Within one month of onboarding MadKudu, we saw our best month ever in terms of meetings booked and quality of opportunities. I couldn't be happier with MadKudu.
– Brett Rizzo,
Director of Sales Development
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MadKudu reduces the noise for our team, and allows sales and marketing to focus on personalizing outreach to the right accounts. With MadKudu’s predictive scores, no more revenue is falling through the cracks.
– Elizabeth Irvine,
VP of Marketing, MarketMuse
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Since implementing MadKudu we have seen a 60% increase in pipeline from PQLs and a 20% increase in ARR from our ABM motion. We are continuing to expand our use of MadKudu to all our go-to-market motions.
– TJ Nokelby,
Director of Demand Generation
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Surface only the relevant insights where your team already works.

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