Common Product-Led Growth Challenges & 
How to Overcome them

In this guide, we'll debunk common myths around product-led growth, share real world examples of lessons learned, and dissect the strategies that have helped companies scale at lightning speed.

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Every company wants a way to stand out from the pack and outpace their competitors. Enter product-led growth (PLG), a go-to-market motion that relies on the product itself to drive the acquisition of new customers, as well as retention and expansion.
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Challenge #1

Simpson’s Paradox & Identifying the PLG Funnel Problem to Solve

Over the years, we’ve found several paradoxes with direct parallels to B2B marketing, and more specifically, around challenges many PLG companies face. Simpson’s Paradox is just one of those.
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Challenge #2

Paradox of Choice & Myth That PLG Doesn’t Need A Sales Team

We promise this won’t be a series of chapters about funky paradoxes and how they relate to PLG, but what can we say… we’re nerds!
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Future Chapters

Coming Soon...

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