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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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Proof of Concept

Bringing You Data-Driven Decision Making

What's Included

During your 60-day MadKudu POC we will work with you to improve your marketing engine. Below are details on what to expect with a POC.

1. Create An Ideal Customer Profile

After connecting your CRM, MadKudu analyzes your customers, historical leads and deals. MadKudu uses machine learning to build a predictive model that segments leads based on demographic predictions like predicted revenue, traffic and budget.

2. Identify Wasted Effort On Low Quality Leads

MadKudu looks for tracked activities against leads that do not fit the ideal customer profile.  Generally we find that 20% of leads contacted were predicted to have no chance of converting based on their profile.

3. Identify Missed Opportunities

MadKudu identifies great leads that were missed by reps because they have an incomplete view of the customer.

4. Predictive models using in-app behavior.

This is MadKudu's secret sauce. Other lead scoring approaches don't give your sales team a complete view of the customer

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