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Proof of Concept

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  • Francis BreroCofounder & CRO
Kick-off your POC

We understand. You're interested in accelerating sales with MadKudu but you're wondering ...

  • How much incremental revenue will MadKudu create?
  • How much time will this take?
  • Do I have to change my sales process?
  • How is MadKudu different from X, Y, or Z tool that we already use?

During your 60-day MadKudu POC we will work with you to answer these questions. Below are details on what to expect with a POC.

Our POC with MadKudu was ideal. We validated the ROI and got a strong sense for our relationship.
The early success was a game changer to convince management.

Jamie SloanSr. Director, Marketing Operations & Automation, Invision

Step 1: Configuring MadKudu (weeks 1-4)

  1. Create an Ideal Customer Profile

    After connecting your CRM, MadKudu analyzes your customers, historical leads and deals.

    MadKudu uses machine learning to build a predictive model that segments leads based on demographic predictions like predicted revenue, traffic and budget.

    Name:Gary Greatlead


    Customer Fit

    • - Segment:Very High

    • - Reason:No. Employees 2000

    • Industry:Advertising

  2. Identify wasted effort on low quality leads

    MadKudu looks for tracked activities against leads that do not fit the ideal customer profile.

    Generally we find that 20% of leads contacted were predicted to have no chance of converting based on their profile.

    Wasted time - no budget

    Name:Bob NoBudget


    Company:Bob's Little Company

    No. Employees:1

    Calls Made:10

    Emails Sent:5

  3. Identify missed opportunities

    MadKudu identifies great leads that were missed by reps because they have an incomplete view of the customer.

    Missed opportunity - great lead never contacted



    Company:SuperBig co.

    No. Employees:10,000

    Calls Made:0

    Emails Sent:0