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  • Francis BreroCofounder & CRO
Kick-off your POC

We understand. You're interested in accelerating sales with MadKudu but you're wondering ...

  • How much incremental revenue will MadKudu create?
  • How much time will this take?
  • Do I have to change my sales process?
  • How is MadKudu different from X, Y, or Z tool that we already use?

During your 60-day MadKudu POC we will work with you to answer these questions. Below are details on what to expect with a POC.

Our POC with MadKudu was ideal. We validated the ROI and got a strong sense for our relationship.
The early success was a game changer to convince management.

Jamie SloanSr. Director, Marketing Operations & Automation, Invision

Step 1: Configuring MadKudu (weeks 1-4)

  1. Create an Ideal Customer Profile

    After connecting your CRM, MadKudu analyzes your customers, historical leads and deals.

    MadKudu uses machine learning to build a predictive model that segments leads based on demographic predictions like predicted revenue, traffic and budget.

    Name:Gary Greatlead


    Customer Fit

    • - Segment:Very High

    • - Reason:No. Employees 2000

    • Industry:Advertising

  2. Identify wasted effort on low quality leads

    MadKudu looks for tracked activities against leads that do not fit the ideal customer profile.

    Generally we find that 20% of leads contacted were predicted to have no chance of converting based on their profile.

    Wasted time - no budget

    Name:Bob NoBudget


    Company:Bob's Little Company

    No. Employees:1

    Calls Made:10

    Emails Sent:5

  3. Identify missed opportunities

    MadKudu identifies great leads that were missed by reps because they have an incomplete view of the customer.

    Missed opportunity - great lead never contacted



    Company:SuperBig co.

    No. Employees:10,000

    Calls Made:0

    Emails Sent:0

Step 2: Instrument MadKudu to close more sales (weeks 4-8)

Without MadKudu

  1. Your sales team is missing important data about which
    lead is a good fit for your product.

    CRM Without MadKudu
  2. Leads to generic emails and

  3. Bad! Lacks Context

    Mr. Don Newcustomer,

    Thanks for signing up. Is there anything I can do for you?


    Billy Boring
    Sales Specialist

With MadKudu

  1. MadKudu shows your reps a complete view of their best leads and how they're using your product.

    CRM With MadKudu
  2. Leads to relevant emails and valuable

  3. Good! Explains why Sales is Contacting The Customer

    Mr. Don Newcustomer,

    Congrats on connecting your bank account and adding your accountant.

    Did you know we can give your accountant advanced reporting in our Pro plan to help you manage your cash flow more efficiently?

    Here is a video that explains advanced reporting.

    BTW ... I see your company is in Cleveland - congrats on winning the NBA Championship!


    Chris Crushingit
    Customer Success Guru, SuperApp