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Madkudu lands $18M Series A led by Felicis to accelerate PLG adoption
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The Predictive Engine

Simple Yet Powerful Data Engine That Drives Revenue Growth

Use MadKudu’s open AI/ML engine - built specifically for B2B marketing teams - to develop a predictive model specific to your business, uncover the optimal buyer journey, and accurately measure the future revenue contribution from your marketing efforts.
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your predictive model at work

Identify the 20% of Leads That Will Deliver 80% of Revenue

Lead Scoring

MadKudu statistically determines the fit and likelihood to buy for every lead & account based on firmographic, demographic, and behavior activities.

Predicted Lead Value & Expected Revenue

Unlike other providers, MadKudu proactively connects the dots between marketing activities and future revenue, giving your team the ability to measure exactly how well your campaigns are performing without having to wait months, quarters, or years to uncover ROI.

Top Sales Signals

Enable sales with powerful signals to share exactly why someone is in market or likely to buy, helping them cut through the noise deliver a more relevant experience.

uncover the magic mix

Discover The Optimal Buyer Journey

To truly understand the buyer journey, marketers need to identify the key activation points and magic mix of marketing, sales AND product activities that deliver the perfect paying customer for each segment. MadKudu connects all data sources to finally get the full picture of your customer.

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