Give sellers the right Leads & Accounts

Improve conversion rates and pipeline with better MQLs, PQLs, MQAs, and Target Account lists.
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Since implementing MadKudu we have seen a 60% increase in pipeline from PQLs and a 20% increase in ARR from our ABM motion. We are continuing to expand our use of MadKudu to all our go-to-market motions.

-TJ Nokelby, Director of Demand Generation
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How our scoring
drives Sales & marketing alignment

1️⃣ Ditch point-based scoring

Forget the arbitrary "+20 points when [watch webinar]".
Don't wait for your data science team.
Let AI do the work.
Get better conversion rates.

2️⃣ Consolidate signals from 10s of sources

Your score is as good as the data that goes into it.
Easily use your 1st-party data (web activity, product usage, ...). Augment with third-party signals (firmographics, technographics, anonymous visits, social activity, hiring activities, ...).

3️⃣ Make everyone trust your scores

Sellers don't trust a score if they cannot understand it.
Give your sellers context on why a prospect is assigned to them.

    4️⃣ Override Your AI to test & Experiment

    The AI understands what has worked in the past.
    Combine the power of AI with your own knowledge to test new markets or launch a new product.

    5️⃣ Simplify and consolidate

    Support all your motions, as they come and go: Inbound, Outbound, Product-led, ABM, Partner-led.
    Do all your scoring in one platform.
    Send this score everywhere (CRM, Data Warehouse, ... )