Predict. Prioritize. Act.

MadKudu brings focus to revenue teams by using AI to prioritize your best fit leads and accounts, and recommend the right next action.
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100+ hours saved
57% more revenue with 46% less leads
2x more qualified opportunities

Add predictive intelligence 
to your GTM strategy

Activate your GTM data

Connect internal data with MadKudu’s third party enrichment to get a 360 degree view of all your prospects — allowing MadKudu to make accurate prediction using a single source of truth.
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Prioritize your best fit leads & accounts

Don’t let your sales team waste their time on bad prospects. With MadKudu, you can surface the leads & accounts that are the most likely to buy based on key fit characteristics and behaviors.
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Personalize the buyer journey

Orchestrate a more relevant buyer journey with audience segmentation. MadKudu’s scoring models allow for personalization of your website, chat, form and email to increase conversion rates.
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Start building predictable, repeatable pipeline

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Align your marketing campaigns to revenue, and allocate your limited budget to the highest performing channels.

Customer Success

Practice proactive customer success by monitoring the customer actions that most often lead to expansion opportunities.
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Focus your energy on actions that result in closed won revenue, and move upmarket by identifying the signals that lead to bigger deals.

Revenue Ops

Surface the most relevant buying signals to your GTM team with the transparency you need to build trust.
Expected Revenue

Surface only the relevant insights where your team already works.

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