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Scores up to 2000 leads /month

Real-time Lead Scoring & Enrichment
MadKudu Fastlane
MadKudu for Web Chat
All Integrations
1000 API Calls /month


Scores up to 6000 leads /month

All Growth features
MadKudu Smart Retargeting
Designated Slack support channel
Product Qualified Leads (PQL)
10,000 API Calls /month


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All Pro features
Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQA)
MadKudu Ad Spend Optimization
MadKudu Website Personalization
Designated Client Success team

Our Customer Success

Segment generates 60% more sales opportunities from qualified demos with MadKudu Fastlane.

Drift generates 90% of their pipeline from 25% of their leads.

Instapage increases its conversion rate by 18% with MadKudu Customer Fit.

Outreach boosts conversion rates by 45% with MadKudu.



How does the pricing work?

Our pricing factors in the volume of net new leads to score per month along with the distinct number of models used for scoring. Net new leads are defined as distinct new inbound (content, event, handraisers, product signups) email addresses captured across all systems (CRM, analytics and marketing automation).

How does the pricing evolve with the number of configured models?

Our pricing scales according to the increasingly with the number of models while the price per lead decreases with the total number of leads. Contact us to get a quote for the setup that best matches your needs

Can we be invoiced for MadKudu's services?

Yes, all plans are invoiced annually.


Can I run a POC of MadKudu before committing to an annual subscription?

Absolutely, our goal is to create long lasting relationships and we want to help de-risk lead scoring initiatives. You can find more information about how we run POCs here


Can I get multiple lead scoring models?

Lead scoring models are specific to a plan/product, if you sell multiple we will configure a model per plan/product.

Can MadKudu configure multiple behavioral models?

Yes, we offer custom configured behavioral models on our Entreprise plan.

What is the basis of the lead scoring and behavioral models?

MadKudu researches each lead based on Customer fit metrics firmographic traits like geography, company size, technographics, etc. and determines how much the lead resembles a likely buyer based on historical conversions.MadKudu also observes your customers' in-app behavior to make behavioral predictions (conversion, churn, upsell, activation...)

I need to do a one-time analysis of my lead database, can MadKudu help?

Yes, we offer one-off analysis of your past leads as the core of our lead scoring model setup.


What are the terms of services and is MadKudu GDPR compliant?

As of May 2018, all new customers are required to execute our Master Service Agreement. Additionally we offer DPAs for GDPR compliance purposes with all plans.

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