MadKudu | Pricing


helps up to 2 SDRs identify their best leads
  • Lead scoring for Sales (MQL)
  • MadKudu Fastlane
  • MadKudu for Web Chat
  • All integrations
  • Up to 1000 monthly API calls


helps teams of up to 5 sales reps engage the best leads at the right time
  • All Growth features
  • Product Qualified Leads (PQL)
  • MadKudu Smart Retargeting
  • Designated Slack support channel
  • Up to 10,000 monthly API calls


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  • All Pro features
  • Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQA)
  • MadKudu Ad Spend Optimization
  • MadKudu Website Personalization
  • Designated Client Success team

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