Renewals & Expansion

Identify Churn Risk and Expansion Opps Early

Get the full picture of your customers from your data sources in order to meet them right where they are. Delight your customers and address issues faster with proactive alerts, and product usage driven playbooks.
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100+ hours saved
57% more revenue with 46% less leads
2x more qualified opportunities

Reliably renew And
expand accounts

Engage customers with personalized messaging

Provide exceptional service at every stage of the post-sales journey. With custom alerts you can proactively reach out to customers based on how they’re interacting with your product.
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Foster customer growth

Use intent signals to spot customer interest in additional products, giving you a reason to reach out for an upsell opportunity.
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Detect churn risks before they escalate

Don’t get blindsided by your customers. Get alerts when there’s a decrease in product activity, or users are displaying interest in competitors.
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Treat every customer like a VIP

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Align your marketing campaigns to revenue, and allocate your limited budget to the highest performing channels.

Customer Success

Practice proactive customer success by monitoring the customer actions that most often lead to expansion opportunities.
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Focus your energy on actions that result in closed won revenue, and move upmarket by identifying the signals that lead to bigger deals.

Revenue Ops

Surface the most relevant buying signals to your GTM team with the transparency you need to build trust.
Expected Revenue

Surface only the relevant insights where your team already works.

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