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Give your sellers signal-based playbooks

Stop spray and pray prospecting. Double the number of meetings they book by turning hundreds of buyer signals into concrete actions for your sellers.
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We were able to 2x reply rates, increase qualified opps by 66% and cut SDR ramp time in half with MadKudu Copilot

-Mason Romano, SDR Manager at Outsystems
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How to Help your Sellers Book More Meetings

1️⃣ Let MadKudu Copilot Gather Buying Signals from Everywhere

Don’t fall for the dark funnel: it’s been proven that it does not work. Use a variety of clear buyer signals instead.

2️⃣ Turn on the best Signal-Based Sales Playbooks for your business

Make it easy for every seller to execute the sales plays everyone should be doing. Because they work.

See all the sales plays!

3️⃣ Have Your sellers start each day knowing exactly what to do

Reps get daily recommended actions, directly in Salesforce, so they never miss a hot opportunity.

Turn every rep into a top seller

Seeing the power users and activity levels has been a game changer. MadKudu identifies power users that would have flown under the radar

Sheri P.
Business Development Representative

With MadKudu I get a daily email summarizing where there's buyers intent. That is so helpful for me because I'm like, wow, I didn't even think to go after this account, but now I know where to spend my time

Melissa A.
SDR Manager
I am more prepared for calls and as a result end up getting better results. I tripled my quota thanks to MadKudu insights!
Flor M.
Business Development Representative