MadKudu | SaaS MRR Simulator

SaaS MRR Simulator

Should I increase my focus on acquisition or on retention? Use this simulator to find out.

In 12 months, your MRR will be $ 158 k.

5% churn rate reduces your MRR by $ 53 k in 12 months.

  • MRR from new customers
  • MRR from upsells
  • MRR from existing customers
  • Lost MRR due to churn

You will spend $ 211 k in acquisition to make up for the churned revenue.

This means you spend about  $ 4 in acquisition to increase your MRR by $ 1. Assuming that the acquisition cost remains linear, the cost of winning new MRR to making up for the churned MRR is $ 4 multiplied by $ 53 k.

Reducing your churn from 5% to 2.5% increases your MRR by $ 36 k in 12 months.

  • MRR with current churn
  • MRR from desired churn