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MadKudu for ABM

Prioritize the right accounts

MadKudu utilizes all of your go-to-market data to understand and prioritize your best-fit accounts so sales gets leads who are ready to close.

“Predictive scoring made simple, reliable. A must have for modern marketing teams!”

MadKudu offers campaigns to use on the top of the scoring, so you can put your scoring to work right away, customize your onboarding process, trigger different actions based on scores. The API is easy to use and connect with other systems = endless possibilities! Great team with a “Michelin Star” kind of customer experience!

Fanette P., Demand Generation

Close More Deals By Prioritizing Your Most Engaged Accounts

Identify critical account level aggregations like how many people have been active in your product the last 30 days or how many people visited your site. Use this information to prioritize target accounts with the highest likelihood to buy.

Give Your Reps a Reason to Reach Out

With MadKudu’s IP lookup, you can identify anonymous accounts visiting your website and share all of the relevant activity details with your sales team. 

Engage with the Right People 

Save your sales team the guesswork when it comes to finding the right people within an account to contact. MadKudu enables you to surface key personas in your CRM.

Personalize the Website in Real-time

With real-time lead-to-account matching, you can personalize the buyer experience in the moment. Before a lead is even created in Salesforce, identify their fit and likelihood to buy score to deliver a custom website, chat, and form experience. 

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