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MadKudu For Data Scientists

Implementing and maintaining a homegrown scoring solution is tedious and time-consuming. The MadKudu Data Science Studio enables rapid score operationalization and provides layers of data to fuel your analysis.

“An awesome company with high performing people and good products”

The product is great - easily implemented from a tech perspective. But what really sells MadKudu for me is the people I have dealt with. All of the team members at MK seem to be incredibly high performers and its very noticeable in the implementation of the product and the support you receive along the way.

Oscar L., Data Analyst

Why Leading Data Science Teams Choose MadKudu

Easily Operationalize
Your Model

With MadKudu, data teams can do what they do best - analyze and make sense of complex data sets. We take the non-value adding data engineering work off of your plate by hosting and maintaining the scoring pipeline.

Empower Marketing to Self-Serve

Reduce time spent managing requests from your marketing team. With the MadKudu Data Science Studio, your marketing team can make edits to models on their own.

Score Leads and Accounts In Real-Time

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming sync operations required to score leads and accounts. With MadKudu, you can score your leads and accounts in real-time in your CRM, removing tedious steps in the process and keeping your sales and marketing teams happy.

Gain Access to More Data Sources

We provide data from top-tier enrichment partners like Clearbit, HGData, and PredictLeads to enhance your analysis. Uncover new insights and opportunities without having to source 3rd party data yourself.

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