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MadKudu for Inbound

Get your sales team excited about inbound leads.

MadKudu enables smart scoring and segmentation to increase inbound conversion rates and close more deals.

“game-changer for lead scoring and prioritization”

The scoring from the models completely changed how we were approaching the leads. We didn’t have enough information in our database to score, so combining their model with our behavior analytics has saved us a lot of time. The visual aspect within Salesforce is really helpful for our sales team. They can see immediately what leads they should prioritize. They are also an absolute pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth I., VP of Marketing

Prioritize Your Best Fit Leads

Don’t let your sales team waste their time on bad leads. With MadKudu, you can surface the leads that are the most likely to buy based on key fit characteristics and behavioral activities.

Increase Conversion Rates

Orchestrate a more relevant buyer journey. Scoring models built in MadKudu allow for real-time personalization of the website, chat, and form experience to increase conversion rates.

Spend Your Marketing Dollars More Effectively

With MadKudu, you can optimize your digital ad spend and increase conversions by retargeting qualified leads only.

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